Monday, October 28, 2013

A Halloween Walk Down Memory Lane

I stumbled across some old pictures on my computer recently.  Many of them were Seth when he was a toddler.  I sat there and just grinned at the silly pictures I found.  I really wanted to cry! He is just growing up so fast!  It really breaks my heart!  

I found his first Halloween picture and just cracked up!  I remember being SO excited as fall approached! I had never really gotten into Halloween before I had Seth.  I did activities with my students when I taught school, but I had never purchased a costume.  I had no idea what I had been missing!!! Naturally, I thought his first costume had to be perfect.  After searching stores and websites I found this adorable Hershey's Kiss!!  Too sweet!!  

Seth's first Halloween ~ 2003 ~ Our very own Hershey's Kiss! 

Halloween 2004 ~ Seth the Jester! 

Halloween 2005 - Seth the Cowboy

Halloween 2006 - Seth the Football Player

Halloween 2007 ~ Seth the Biker Dude! 

Halloween 2008 ~ Seth the Pirate! Arghhh!!!

I am missing 2009! UGH!! Do you hate it when you can't find something??  It drives me nuts!!  Just know that this year he was a Special Forces Officer... and I WILL find the picture!!  

Seth the "Army Man" ~ 2010

2011 ~ We were not very creative this year.  He said he wanted to be a baseball player.  It sounded good (i.e We didn't have purchase a thing!!) to me!!

2012 ~ Hmmm... Not sure what to say about this one ~ Seth as Al Capone?

Thank you for joining me as I walk down Memory Lane - Halloween style!!  I am sure you can determine when Seth began to have a say in his Halloween costumes.  "Cute" costumes gave way to "all boy" costumes!!!  And that gave way to AL Capone!  Ha!! My baby is growing up! This year will probably be his last year to go Trick or Treating. But I am not going to dwell on that right now.  At this point, he says he wants to be a Marine or Army Man.  And I am okay with that choice!  

Hope your Halloween is super sweet!!! Ours will certainly be sweet... sugary sweet!  We have TONS of candy ready and waiting for princesses, ghosts, goblins, Army men, Power Rangers, clowns, and any other little characters that stop by our house!  

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Natural Fall Mantel

I am finally going to share my fall mantel. I wish I could say that I just threw some things together and called it a day. I wish I could say I just worked with what I had (that is partially true) and a few minutes later voilĂ  - A beautiful mantel was ready for the fall.  But..... I could not get this one to come together.  I have wished and wished for a mantel to decorate for the seasons.  We have typically had a huge television over our mantel, and that REALLY limits what you do to make the fireplace look festive.  However, we moved recently and we now have a "den" and a small living/sitting room. (To tell the truth, I am not sure what to call this room). The den is where we hang out and watch tv.  The "sitting room" is where we - hmmm, we don't do anything in here!! Well, we walk through it on the way to the kitchen and den!!  But, I digress!  Back to the story - I was finally able to decorate the mantel and it threw me for a loop.  I started, stopped, tweaked it,  tried again and finally decided it was complete.  What do you think?

I have had the picture for several years. It used to hang in our foyer.  I thought it was perfect now over the fireplace.  Prior to decorating for fall I had it
 propped up on the mantel. I asked Jon to hang it for me so I could place items 
underneath it without appearing too crowded. 

I love the little squirrels that I purchased at a florist near where I work in Mississippi.  

Their faces are precious!  I scattered around some of my tiny plush
 pumpkins, acorns and mushrooms.  

I pulled out some of the pumpkins that I have purchased over the last few years.  These were purchased at Hallmark and Hobby Lobby.  While I do collect Ironstone, this pitcher is inexpensive.  It is from Target and cost less than fifteen dollars.  I believe the burlap flowers are actually poinsettias.  I am sure they are meant for Christmas, but I fell in love with them.  I decided not to wait until December to use them.  

My friend, Lynda, made the burlap bow for me.  She is always willing to help me 
because I can not make a bow!!  

I picked up an oval grapevine wreath from Michael's.  
I added the sweet owl that also came from the florist 
in Hurley, MS. It is an ornament - I snipped off the hanger. 
 I plan on getting more of these for my Christmas tree! 
  I picked up the small burlap rosettes at Antiques at the Loop in Mobile. 
 It is the BEST antique store around!! 

An apothecary jar is filled with pine cones to add more natural elements. 

The antique wire basket on the right was also a recent 
purchase from Antiques at the Loop.  I am not sure what it was originally used for but I am picturing someone collecting eggs in this little gem. 
 Don't tell me if that is not what it was 
used for - I have such a sweet picture in my mind!!  

So there you have it: my fall mantel.   Now, I am off to watch my little one play football!! I am so thankful that the weather in Alabama has finally cooled off just a bit.  It was actually below 80 degrees this week.  Yippee!!  As always, thank you for visiting Buttercup Bliss! 

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