Monday, April 25, 2011

Play Ball!

I mentioned in a recent post that we have been really busy with baseball the past couple of months.  What I didn't mention was that Seth is obsessed with baseball!!!  It is so funny! He tells me about Babe Ruth, Lou "Garry" as he calls him, Jackie Robinson, and the pitcher for the Giants ("you know mom, the guy with the long hair" EVERY DAY! This is his fourth year to play and he loves it more every year!   He even wanted the Easter Bunny to bring him striped baseball pants! 

When he was in tee-ball the first year he SLID into home plate every time.  It was hilarious! Each year several of the parents have said they enjoyed watching Seth because he was so intense!  He has played on a church league for the past three years, but this year we decided to make the move to the city league so that it would challenge him - he has definitely been challenged.  He is loving it so much and getting better every day.  I adore seeing him play!  Being Seth's biggest fan is just about the most fun I have ever had!!! 

A few weeks ago his team, the DiamondJaxx, won their game 12 - 0.  Seth hit a double and a triple AND got the game ball!!  (This is a huge deal!  LOL)  Would you believe I didn't have my camera that evening?  Oh well, I have a few more to share with you - I am sure there are other baseball moms out there who think their child's Little League game is more exciting than the World Series!!! 

Opening Day at Westside Baseball - Even the Azalea Trail Maids were there!
At bat! 

On base, ready to run, run, run!

A little walk down memory lane.... Seth's first year at t-ball. How precious!

So determined!!!

Future superstar!!!  Who will it be? 

The Yankees, Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, Giants???? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Tree

Today I am sharing my Easter tree - I think it is just too cute!!!   A few years ago I fell in love with Radko ornaments.  I first began buying Christmas ornaments, but then I discovered that Radko made Easter ornaments.  Well I have to tell you I adore Easter and everything about it!  The sweet pastel colors of Easter just make me smile!  The first year I bought a few ornaments and borrowed a metal tree from a friend.  It was nice, but not quite right.  Last year, I found a pink tree at Walmart during Christmas.  Boy was I excited!  I put it in the closet and waited anxiously for the Easter season so I could put up my darling tree.  You will not believe it, but the day after I put up my special tree, a pipe broke in Seth's bathroom and our house flooded!  We ended up staying in a hotel for 12 weeks while our house was repaired.  I came "home" one day (home at this point was the Homewood Suites) and discoverd that Jon had gone by our house and picked up my little tree and brought it to our "suite"!  How sweet is that?  It brought a little bit of home and the wonderful Easter season to our hotel room. 

This year I was delighted to put the Easter tree in it's rightful place.  I think it is just perfect for this joyful time of year! 

I love these little bunnies that I found this year at Hobby Lobby.  As I walked around with them, another customer told me about the grass.  I hurried over and picked some up right then.  It was just the touch I needed.  I also picked up the pink and green ribbon to dress up the bunnies. 
I think the faces on the bunnies are so sweet!

I wasn't sure what to put under the tree.  I finally purchased a half of a yard of pink gingham from Walmart and topped it with a small Longaberger basket filled with pastel Easter eggs. 

This ornament is called "Chocolate Charlie". 

I love these ornaments!!! 

I have my eye on a wreath at Target to hang on the mirror behind the Easter tree.  If it gets marked down soon it will be mine!  I am waiting to see if I can get a bargain on it!  If I do, I will update and add a picture with my newest find :-)

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying Spring in the South

Azaleas - The quintessential Southern flower :-)

Hi!  It seems like forever since I have posted - I didn't think that would happen when I started this blog!  I have so much to say (my friends will laugh at that!) and I love to write, so I figured I would post constantly.  But..... life is busy and full of activity and I wouldn't have it any other way!  The writer of one of my favorite blogs is "hibernating" right now. Perhaps that is what I have been doing - enjoying life and taking care of what is most important to me, my family! 

We have been enjoying a beautiful spring lately!!  Spring is always beautiful in the South!!  It is such a joy - gorgeous weather and beautiful flowers everywhere.  We don't have much of a fall in the south and summer is hot as *&+@#@ so we definitely enjoy our springtime.  It is awesome to live in a place where you can wear shorts in March and head to beach in the early spring! 

Here are some pictures have I snapped recently.  I love seeing the wisteria, azaleas, and dogwoods in bloom!  I drive about 50 minutes through the country each day to work.  I am sure Seth got tired of me saying "Oh, look that is gorgeous!  I wish I had my camera!"  Finally, one Sunday, we just grabbed the camera and went for a "flower ride"!.  Jon patiently pulled the truck over so I could capture the beautiful sights of southern Alabama!  Enjoy!  Hope you are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!

Not sure what the official name of this plant is - we call it a "snowball" tree!

Wisteria - a little piece of Heaven on Earth.  This picture was taken in my friend Diane's back yard.  She is blessed to live in the country (kinda/sorta).  It is so peaceful :-)

More azaleas!

This picture doesn't do this gorgeous tree justice. 
This farm was filled with dogwoods.  Amazingly beautiful!

My mother - in - law grows the prettiest roses! 

More of Miss Mary's roses!  She can grow anything!

Our Knockout roses - pretty and easy to grow!

"Happy" flowers by the front door!

I will be back soon with a few projects, Easter decorations, and pictures of Seth playing baseball - another terrific sign of Spring!