Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Our roses have been blooming like crazy!! 

Hi! I don't know about you, but things have been busy around here!  This post is full of random, rambling thoughts - a"catching-up" post, if you will. Don't you just love this time of year?  I always say that Fall is my favorite season, but Spring is pretty spectacular too!  It has been raining quite a bit, but we have been busy as bees sprucing up our back yard.  We have worked on the landscaping for the front of the house since we moved in last summer, but we have recently started to work on our small backyard and patio.  My husband truly enjoys working in the yard and I am truly thankful for that blessing.  My daddy gave me a rocker that was my mother's to add to our outdoor space.  I am going to paint it a bright, happy green. It will look so cheerful with all of the colorful plants.  I am not sure that Jon is completely sure about the pink and green color scheme I have planned.  

 The pansies have been so pretty this year.  It is 
almost time to replace them with petunias and vincas. 

I never got around to sharing our Easter table; however, I found the pics on my phone and decided to share them even though Easter is over.  Remove the eggs and grass, and voila! - a pretty spring table! Of course, I began with my Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine dishes. For an accent plate, I found these wonderful Lenox salad plates that are the perfect colors for spring.  Our silver made an appearance for Easter.  Simple white napkins tied with large  "ric-rac"ribbon complete the look. 

Pink, blue, yellow and mint green - pretty spring colors! 

This pretty yellow table runner is a Home Goods find.  The Gail Pittman eggs belonged to my mother. She had quite a collection. I have had the white tray for several years.
 It is my "go-to" tray for many tablescapes. The white bunny cookie jar is so cute and simple! My husband and I found it at Cracker Barrel on one of our breakfast dates. 

One of my favorite new things is my little coffee station.  I placed the items on a silver tray that belonged to my mom.  A few of my favorite Ironstone pieces were put to use as well.  My friend, Ashley, of Ashley Anthony Artwork, painted a precious little picture to hang above the coffee station.  Ashley is super talented.  You may find her work in stores and boutiques around the south.  You may also follow her on Instagram (ashleyanthonyartwork) and FB (Ashley Anthony Artwork). 

Seth has been playing a lot of baseball.  He loves it so much.  He was asked to join a travel team in January and he is having a blast!  He played on a city league team and a tournament team when we lived in Alabama. We were so excited when he and Jon were practicing at a local park when a member of a team saw them and began talking baseball.  A few days and practices later, and Seth was asked to join the team.  You would have thought he had been drafted by the MLB!  As a mama, I dearly love to watch him play. For someone who always pictured little bow-headed girls in smocked or monogrammed dresses, I am having a blast!  This boy is the best thing that ever happened to me. We spent Mother's Day out of town playing baseball.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

In other news, today Jon and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary.  We are planning a special date tonight.  I know it is such a cliche', but the past 14 years have flown by.  We have been through so much as a couple: from our home being destroyed in Katrina, to my precious mother battling and ultimately passing away from colon cancer, to Jon's sweet daddy passing away, to suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage.  It has truly made us stronger!  We laugh sometimes and say, "If we made it through all of this, there is nothing we can't overcome."  I am so blessed to have Jon as my husband.  He is a wonderful father, a hard worker, and he takes such good care of our family.  We have enjoyed this past year so much!   He now works from home, as do I (part-time) so we are together every day.  After years of working full time and commuting each day, this time we get to spend together is such a gift! We are enjoying this wonderful new phase of our lives.  

I will be back soon to share our "refreshed" outdoor spaces! 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Decorations 2015

It is officially spring!  I am ready for warmer days and sunshine.  We have had an abundance of rain this winter. While are friends up north are anxiously awaiting the snow to disappear, we are hoping our yard dries out soon!   Today I am sharing our Easter decor.  I don't go all-out with Easter decorations, but I do love the gorgeous pastel colors of this special season. And who doesn't love bunnies? And candy? 

I love my pink Easter tree!  My father asked, "What exactly is an Easter tree?"   At which point, my sweet husband explained, "A good excuse for her to buy Radko Easter ornaments!"  So true!! A tiny Longaberger basket filled 
with eggs looks perfect under the tree. 

Sweet little birds and butterflies from Michael's work perfectly with the Radko ornaments.  Floral stems serve as the perfect spring tree topper! 

My Happy Everything cookie jar is now adorned with a delightful bunny!  A Mason jar tied with burlap and pink ribbon and filled with Hershey's kisses is an Easter must!

Another bunny takes center stage on my small Happy Everything 
cookie jar turned utensil holder. 

White bunnies adorned with festive pink and green ribbons make a cheerful 
statement in my office.  The "grass" is a Hobby Lobby find. 

And because I just couldn't resist, here is another Radko.  They are so cute!!!

Ok... last one! I promise!!

I hope you have a great week!!  Here's to warmer days and sunshine!  
I will be back soon to share our Easter tablescape. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Vintage Pyrex

My Pyrex collection is growing!  It all started with two vintage Pyrex bowls.  One day my sister and I were browsing through a local consignment store when I saw two Pyrex bowls in the "last chance" section.  I immediately snapped them up.  I bought both of them for only nine dollars.  Since then I have found other pieces from antique shops and the same little consignment store.  I love finding vintage pieces!  They are so "retro" and cool - I can't imagine why anyone would sell them!  There is something about slipping on an apron and whipping up something yummy in a vintage mixing bowl.  It is so satisfying!

These are the two bowls that began my collection of Pyrex.
These bowls are Autumn Harvest. 

Aren't these blue pieces pretty?  I believe the pattern is Snowflake.  
They are a great size too! Perfect for a casserole for a small family like ours. 

I have two of the large pink gooseberry mixing bowls.  
I knew I already had one just like it, but I couldn't pass it up!  The casserole dish is Pink Daisy. Aren't they cheerful? 

These make me happy! I promise I feel a bit like Betty Crocker when I use them! 

If you like vintage Pyrex, check out this blog! Awesome! What an amazing collection!

Do you like vintage Pyrex?  If so, where do you typically buy it? Ebay?  Antique stores?  I want to keep growing my collection.  I am having a little Pyrex envy when I look at the picture above!  I think I need to go shopping... now.  :-)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Guest Bathroom Renovation

Hi!  I hope everyone is hanging in there with all of this winter weather we've been having.  It is really cold here in central Mississippi!  There is a chance of snow tomorrow!  I feel bad saying this, since our friends up north have dealt with such tremendous amounts of snow this year, but we are so excited!!  We get completely giddy at just the mention of snow.  Since we've moved "up north" this year (all the way from Mobile, AL) we just KNEW we would see snow this year!!  Maybe we will after all!

Today I am sharing our guest bathroom.  Technically, it is our son's bathroom, but it also serves as the bathroom for our guests.   The trick is to decorate it in a manner that is appropriate for a twelve year old boy, but also be nice and pretty for guests.  Mothers of boys, I am sure you understand what I am talking about!  If it were up to me, it would be prissy, but.... a twelve year old boy is a little bit like a bull in a china shop, so simple is best!  

Now, let's look at the before picture.  It was a "tropicana peach" color.  It was just not our taste at all.  The lady who previously owned our home is a dear lady, but our tastes could not be more different.

We were so happy when this room was painted.  It is now bright and crisp.   I wanted a light, airy color because the room does not receive any natural light during the day. 

The walls are now painted Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.  All of the cabinets and trim throughout the house are Dover White, also by Sherwin Williams.  We also added crown molding to the room. 

The original counter top and sink were removed.  The new counter top is the same granite as our kitchen.  It is St. Cecilia.  There was enough left from one of the slabs used in our kitchen to make this counter top.  I was quite excited about that!!  It just makes the room!!

New fixtures in oil rubbed bronze add warmth to the room. 

A simple shower curtain was monogrammed to make it a bit more special!  
Who doesn't love a good monogram?

I have had these pictures for years and I still think they are terrific!  
These towels from Home Goods match perfectly!

We removed the mirror that was attached to the wall and replaced 
it with a simple framed mirror.  
McCarty birds blend perfectly with the colors of the room.  Another McCarty piece holds products that may be needed by a guest. 

We are so pleased with our new bathroom.  I think it is simple and quite pretty.  Keeping it that way, with a pre-teen son, now that is another story!!  

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