Monday, November 17, 2014

Our New Home Tour Begins ~ Welcome to our Home Office

 I am so excited to begin sharing our new home with you.  Welcome to my home office.  It is the first room that you see when you enter our really tiny, small foyer.  Since I now work from home, it was important to me that the office be a warm, cozy space.  I think is just that - I love working here each day!  The commute is non-existent and make up is optional.  Can you say perfect?  The former owner used this a small den for her teenage daughters.  It is the only room that I don't have a "before" picture of to share with you.  We painted it a warm "browny-green" by Sherwin-Williams.  I will share the exact name as soon as possible.

We looked and looked for the perfect desk.  I think this one fits the room just perfectly!  The rug from the breakfast room in our previous home looks right at home here!  While redoing the house, we had all of the concrete floors cleaned, buffed and resealed.  (That was not something we took on ourselves.  Since the expense of adding hardwood throughout the house was not in the budget, we wanted the concrete to be done by a professional.)

These bookshelves were used in the den in our old home.  In our new home we have one great room so these were put to use in my office.  I love displaying some of my favorite books.  Two baskets keep needed binders handy. 

We used the chair from our former sitting room.  It is so comfortable!  The sunny spot by the front window is a wonderful place to read.  My treasured dog painting looks so at home here.  I fell in love with him last winter when I saw him at Antiques at the Loop.  He was a Valentine surprise from my husband.  He makes me so happy!  My diplomas have always hung in my office at work. I was excited to hang them in my new office.

I really love him!  He is so beautiful!  

I loved being able to reuse items I have had for years.  The lamp and the large candlesticks (in one of the pictures above) were used in the foyer in our previous home.  The McCarty bunnies used to grace our mantle.  When we moved, we chose our home for its perfect location; however, the home is smaller.  We don't have a formal dining room or a large foyer.  Thankfully,  most of my cherished pieces have found new homes in our "forever" home. 

This is the view from my kitchen.  It is not a huge space, but everything fits perfectly!  The wooden shutters were a splurge for us.  The previous owner had plantation blinds in all of the windows.  It really bugged my husband and me that the arch wasn't covered in the blinds.  We had these wonderful shutters installed in all of the rooms on the front of the house.  I would love to have them in every window, but that is a long term goal.  

I have to admit, as much as I love this office, it is hard to work with these two cuties sitting by me all day! 

So there you have it, our home office. I look forward to sharing the rest of our home with you.  

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A New Look and a New Fur Baby!

Such a happy day!

Tada!  My blog has a new look! I am so excited that it has been updated!  I am thrilled with the new look!!  Since I retired I really hope to be able to blog more.  And since we have completed the house renovations I will have a lot to share.  It seemed that my blog should be refreshed as well.  I had no idea where to turn.  I googled blog designs and found a few sites that I thought would be helpful.  I wasn't sure if I needed a total custom blog design. Although I liked the idea of something custom, I didn't feel like I could justify the expense of that since I am not a full time blogger.  I wanted a simple design that had some of the features of some of my favorite blogs.  Lucky for me, I found Blogaholic Designs.  They offer free templates, templates in a variety of price points, and custom designs.  Most of the options are "downloadable"; however, they do offer some pre-made templates that they will install for you.  You can also purchase "add-ons".  I decided to go with a pre-made template. I knew I would be frustrated trying to complete the process myself.  I had it installed and modified a bit so it is what I wanted.  I highly recommend Emily at Blogaholic Designs. She has been a delight to work with. We emailed back and forth quite a bit and my "goofy" questions never bothered her at all!!  I really love the finished product. You can visit their website here: Blogaholic Designs

And.... introducing Oliver - aka Ollie!  Our sweet male Cavalier, Bentley, passed away in May.  We were heartbroken.  Once we were in our new home, I wanted to get a new furry friend for Clarabel.  Jon wasn't sure about taking on a puppy since we had just had all of the floors refinished.  While looking (Seth says I stalk her FB page :-) at a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder's website one day, I saw this precious boy who was looking for a forever home.  He is a retired show dog and stud.  I called her and we talked a couple of time and decided we were a fit for each other.  We traveled to Birmingham this past weekend to meet our new friend.  He is such a joy!!! We are completely smitten with him.   His personality is so precious.  He is a blenheim Cavalier, just like Bentley; however, their personalities are so different.  Bentley was an "old soul" even as a young dog. We always called him our little old man.  Ollie is six years old, but he is so playful and "puppyish".  Clarabel loves him too!!  Cavaliers are truly a wonderful breed. 

Sweet Ollie

Come back soon to see pictures from our new home!  

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

WHEW!!! Life is a whirlwind!!!

We will not move again.  Repeat.  We will not move again!! 

Goodness gracious!  I am so excited to be blogging! In the last few months I have retired, and our family has moved back to Mississippi to be closer to my family.  My husband began a new career as well.  Seth started middle school in a brand new school. AND.... we spent the summer renovating our new home. Last, but not least, I began a new job in September.  I am now working from home for a large university.  It is basically my dream job!!  Life is BUSY and GREAT!!!

I can not wait to show you our new home.  When we decided I should retire and we would move closer to home, my sister informed me that the house across the street from my father was for sale.  Really?  What could be more perfect?  Well, the house for one, but that is all part of the story! The next time we came home to visit we looked at the house, but we weren't quite ready to commit just yet. Fast forward two months:  We made a firm commitment to retire (I was a nervous wreck handing in the paperwork!) and, as luck would have it, the house had not sold.  It was truly meant to be! It is literally perfect for us.  Location, location, location!  While we were still in Mobile, we downsized, and it was such a good move for us.  We embraced the "less is more philosophy."  This house is the same cozy size!  Not too big, not too small!  

I retired on June 18.  We moved back to Mississippi just three days later.  We closed on our house the first of July.  Here is the fun part - we lived with my father, and his two wild and crazy dogs, while we renovated our home.  It was a little stressful, but it all worked out. We moved in around the third week of August.  We have still been completing minor projects, but for the most part, it is finished. I wonder though, is a house ever really finished??

Jon has been a trooper and worked extremely hard to make this house special!  We did not remove walls, but  I guess this still qualifies as "renovating".  We truly made this home pretty again.  It was only 11 years old, but the previous owner had very specific tastes that were very different from ours. So, while we did not change the overall footprint of the house, we gave it a facelift!  Every wall has been painted, floors refinished, every knob, door handle, and light fixture have been replaced. The most work was completed in the kitchen. I am so happy with the way everything turned out. Since we moved in, we have begun to  tackle the landscaping.  I will be sharing pictures soon of our new home.  I have learned not to say "forever", but I truly hope this will be our home for many years to come! 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Burlap and Bunnies

Happy Easter from Buttercup Bliss!  Our table is set for our special Easter lunch.  I am ready to begin cooking!  I love any holiday - special times with family! There will just be the three of us tomorrow, but I believe the table should be pretty even if we don't have company.  There is something about a beautiful table setting that I believe is important - Easter is special, therefore, the table should be special!  This year I was in a bunnies and burlap mood (along with most people I would say - burlap is IN!)

My Franciscan Dessert Rose dishes are so perfect for spring!  And don't just love the bunny ear napkins rings?  They were a recent Pier One purchase.  They were so cute I didn't even wait to see if they would mark them down!  I was afraid they would have all hopped on out of there! 

This burlap Easter runner was one of my favorite purchases last spring from a little shop in Mobile.  I goes perfectly with my McCarty bunnies! 

Do you see the wee bunny peeking out of the sweet bouquet? Too cute!
 An apothecary jar filled with eggs completes the centerpiece.   This is my favorite type of tablescape - simple and not too fussy :-)

This darling bunny has been gracing my office door at work.  When we got out for Spring Break last week, I brought him home to add a seasonal touch to the fireplace. 

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