Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Christmas Memories

 Seth's first Christmas!! 

So.... this post has nothing to do with houses, decorating, or food or any of the things I thought I would blog about.  This post is devoted completely to my little Christmas angel - Seth.  I have always adored Christmas and have many, many happy Christmas memories from my childhood and throughout my life.  I will confess, however, as I got older, Christmas also brought a certain sadness.  You see, I was a single adult for many years and if you don't know what that feels like at Christmas, well, let me just say, it is a little depressing!  I grew up in a wonderful family, had tons of super friends, a great job, and owned my own home,  but something was lacking - my OWN family.  I handled this really well (well, sorta well) until each year when Christmas rolled around.  This brought with it Christmas cards from near and far from dear friends and their families...... I felt so incredibly left out each year when, once again, I sent out Christmas cards from my DOGS and me!  I realize this may sound goofy, but to me, it was a big deal.  I thought that I was forever more going to send precious cards signed with my name and the names of my furry babies (my first two were Delta and Chloe').  Don't get me wrong, I loved them, but I wanted children!

I won't bore you with the entire story (maybe at a later date, I will share with you the story of Jon and me), but I will tell you that at the ripe old age of 37,  I met my Mr. Right and fell in love!  After a whirlwind romance, we were married. Two years later we were blessed with our little man, Seth.  He is the light of our lives!!!  I truly don't know what life was like before being a wife and mother!  I must have been totally bored!!!

Anyway, Seth is a January baby so he was almost a year old on his first Christmas.  It was so wonderful to experience Christmas through the eyes of my own child. I was SO excited to be able to send a Christmas card to all of my friends and family sharing a picture of our sweet baby.  I still try each year to find just the right picture to include in our family card.  I thought I would share them with you today - Merry Christmas!!!! 

Seth's second Christmas!  2004  This would be the last Christmas we had with my precious mother.  She loved Seth and he adored his Granny!
My friends say that this is their favorite card ever!  In the background you will notice the small travel trailer that we lived in after our house was destroyed in Katrina.  We made the best of the situation, however, and put lights on the trailer as well as a blowup Santa and tree in the yard!  :-)
We were back in a real house in 2006 for Seth's fourth Christmas!
What a big boy he is getting to be - Christmas 2007

Almost six years old - Christmas 2008 - My baby is growing up! 
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth - Christmas 2009
This was taken during our Christmas visit with my Mom's family in Oxford, MS.  Seth loves visiting my Aunt Jane and driving the RTV.   This was not our Christmas card, but I know that visiting our extended family will be one of Seth's favorite memories when he is grown up!
Seth with Bentley and Clarabel, 2010.  As I have said before, "simple" is the theme of the year at our house so I decided not to fret over the perfect Christmas outfit and instead just sent a snapshot of Seth playing with our puppies.
Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Welcome to our home!!  I wanted to share pictures to show our home as it is decorated for the Christmas season.  I was in a "less is more" mood this year..... Sweet and simple was the overall theme! Thanks for visiting!
Seth loves the Snow Village in our foyer!  

My first piece was given to me by my mother about 12 years ago - The Starbucks coffee shop!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....


One of my favorite Radko ornaments. 

Presents!! My sister, Anita, laughs at me because I wrap all of my presents in similar paper.  I have been "theme" wrapping for years!  This year it is red and white with a little bit of green.  I've had silver themes, black and white with red accents, brown paper with brightly colored chiffon ribbon......

This nativity scene is on the display cabinet in our breakfast room.
I think I have ornaments displayed in a bowl or vase in at least three rooms in the house. 
This sweet tree is in the guest bedroom. This little bedroom is pink and green and very prissy!
Happy little snowmen!  

Love, love, love this whimsical picture!  It was a gift for me from my dear friend and "unofficial sister", Lynda, for Christmas this year. 
Precious memories - Seth made this darling plate in preschool!
 May we always remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas - Happy Birthday, Jesus!

A glimpse into the dining room - the china is "Hollylujah" by Gail Pittman.  

A beaded garland was secured to make the centerpiece.

I hope you have enjoyed our home.  I will try to post a picture of the entire tree - so far the light has not been cooperating, or perhaps I need a new camera!  Sounds like a wonderful  Christmas present idea..... Oh, Jon....!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Joy! Joy!

Well friends, it has already reached that point in the season where it seems as if there is so much going on that the true joy of Christmas is overlooked. I set out to scale back this year,but even so, it seems that each year the craziness hits.  I don't know about  you,  but I feel over booked, under-shopped and stressing over presents for everyone, just generally overwhelmed... you get the picture!  As I was riding home last night after a rather grueling day at work, I thought to myself "It's going to be ok.  In just a little while you will be home with Jon and Seth and you will be fine."  I thank God for families who love us unconditionally!  I was so happy to be able to snuggle on the couch with Seth and read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!  I love making memories with him!  All the other things are just "stuff" and are not truly important. 

Tonight I tried to put the final touches on the tree.  I've been trying to explain to Jon that I wanted something in addition to the traditional bow that we have had for a few years.  I brought some green and fluffy "filler" home yesterday and his response was "seriously, you want to put that on a green tree?"  I ended up returning the items.  The ladies at this sweet store I love laughed at me because they said most men would just say "whatever you want, dear".  LOL  Mine has an opinion!  Today I bought an assortment and tried them all out. We ended up taking down the large bow with streamers...... hmmmm maybe I will need new ornaments to fill in now......I haven't chosen my yearly Radko.....Just a thought.  Woo Hoo! More shopping!  

How do you stay calm during the hectic holiday times?
I am going to wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense of peace about the season.  I truly want to focus on what is most important.  A sign in one of the small communities I drive through had the words "Wise Men Still Seek Him".  That is how I want to live my life.  Seeking Him! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Come back soon for more Christmas decorations and inspirations.  

Jon is not too sure about the new tree topper~

This looks like my Cavalier, Bentley.  So precious!

The traditional tree last year.

The "silver" tree last year.  I felt the need to simplify so I didn't put it up this year.

Another view of the new topper.  Will try to get a better shot when the lighting is better.
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life's Simple Pleasures

Our family decorated our Christmas tree last evening. It was such a joy to complete this special ritual together as the Christmas music played softly in the background. As I “oohed and ahhed” as each ornament was opened, I was thankful for the little pleasures that make life so enjoyable. It seems like such a tiny thing, but opening tissue to reveal a beautiful cherished ornament or an ornament that I made in church when I seven gave me such a joy! Yes, that little ornament made from a portion of a Christmas card backed with felt and lined with ric-rac brought such a smile to my face!
It made me think of other simple pleasures that make me happy each day! A few that crossed my mind are:
  • Hearing my son, Seth, giggle uncontrollably and exclaim “You’re the man” when my husband tickles him mercilessly
  • Listening to Seth sing – especially silly songs like “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”
  • Fresh flowers
  • Sharing a “belly laugh” with good friends
  • Hot, fresh cornbread slathered with butter
  • Licking the top of can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk – this has to be one of the best tasting things in the entire world!
  • Hearing my husband, Jon, call me “his Gracie” – my nickname because unfortunately I am slightly clumsy!
  • Laying out by the pool on a hot summer day while listening to classic rock
  • Hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows on the first chilly day of the year
  • Memories of my precious mother
  • My cowboy boots
  • Holding babies!
  • Cuddling on the couch with my furry babies, Bentley and Clarabel
  • Listening to my husband sing – he has an amazing voice!!
  • The feel of fresh clean sheets on a newly made bed
  • Blue jeans that fit perfectly
  • The smell of cinnamon
  • Small town America!
  • The long-horn cattle that I pass each day on my way to work!
  • Balancing my checkbook perfectly on the first try (alas, this rarely happens!)
  • Chilling out on Saturday morning with a fresh pot of coffee and new magazines
  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • Enjoying “sister time” with Anita
  • Seeing the look of joy on Seth’s face when he sees what Santa brought him on Christmas morning.

What little blessings bring you joy? I hope during this hectic holiday season you take time to enjoy the simple everyday pleasures of life!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Table is Set!

Just wanted to share with your this year's Thanksgiving table.  I wanted something different this year because I have used my pheasants the past two years and I was ready for a change.  I wasn't really sure what I wanted although I knew I would know it when I saw it!  I started with inexpensive candlesticks (Kohl's) and gold candles (Target).  This was a good start, but certainly not complete.  I also found a pretty wooden beaded table runner that I thought would be perfect for our table.  I was getting close, but the table was still not quite ready.  

Then the other day I was in my friend Carol's office at work and I noticed the most adorable pumpkins I have ever seen!  I mean they are gorgeous and so unique!  Anyway, as it turns out, Carol had the "inside scoop" on these Plush Pumpkins!  She knows the creator's husband - it was my lucky day!  Long story short, Carol got Brian on the phone and I was able to order six of these precious pumpkins for my Thanksgiving table.  I think they are perfect!!!!  You can find them online at I am definitely a huge fan!  I see more Plush Pumpkins in my future.  I am picturing the beautiful white ones on my mantle next fall!  

Hope you have fun decorating your Thanksgiving table!  

Buttercup Bliss :-) 
 Did you notice that the pumpkin stems are real?  Isn't that awesome?
They are available in a wide-range of colors.  I just asked for any fall colors.  I think the selection that they sent me is gorgeous!

 Just for fun, I tried filling a bowl with them.  I think they look beautiful! 

Please note that this has been updated November 1, 2011.  Last year when I first wrote this post I was virtually a brand new blogger and had never linked to a party.  :-)  I thought I would share this with you now.  I will share this year's table in a few weeks.  

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