Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink Valentine Wreath!

I don't typically decorate for Valentine's Day, but this year for some reason (maybe because I keep seeing so many cute things on my favorite blogs) I am in the mood for Valentine's Day!  Yesterday I decided to make a wreath in my favorite V-Day color, PINK! Originally I thought to make one out of mesh, but since I haven't attempted mesh yet, and my friend Lynda wasn't here to help me, I opted for a pink feather boa!  Seth and I rambled around Hobby Lobby and picked up a few "prissy" things for me to use in my wreath.  As a side note, I do think it proves that God has a sense of humor because I love all things prissy, and yet, I have this rough and tumble, ALL BOY, little man who is with me on all my "girly" shopping expeditions!  Don't you know he just loved walking around the store with 3 pink feather boas??? 

Anyway, as with my Christmas wreaths, I just dumped the stuff on the counter and went to work.  First I attached the feather boas with a glue gun.  Then I added the felt hearts and the little wooden pieces that say "Be Mine" and "Kisses".  It didn't look complete though so I added a little pink and white poodle that I found in my stash of "cutesy" things that I buy sometimes... just because :-)

I tried to attach it to the big mirror in our informal dining room with suction cups, but they would NOT stick - I don't know why - that has always worked in the past.  Finally, I grabbed a length of pink chiffon ribbon, looped it through the wreath and tied it to the top of the mirror.  I may go to Hobby Lobby on Monday and get some extra ribbon and tie a better, fluffier bow on the top, but for now, this will have to do!  

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  What is your favorite Valentine color?  Traditional red? Hot pink? Or like me, do you prefer a softer pink?

Thank you for visiting! 

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Copycat Challenge

I love Debbie's Copycat Challenges!  They are so much fun! I had a hard time with this one though.  Every time I found something that I really liked that I wanted to use as my inspiration piece, I had a small problem. This ranged from realizing that the project would cost too much or I didn't have space for it, or I couldn't find one of the necessary items.  I searched numerous stores yesterday for a round picture frame so that I could make this adorable frame that I saw on bh &g online.  It was TOO cute!  I am not giving up, but I had to move on if I wanted to participate in today's party.  I finally settled on these easy peasy Valentine bouquets.  I was worried that they were too plain boring simple to share, but then I remembered what my blog is all about...finding joy is life's simple blessings.  I decided that these little bundles of tulips and tiny roses were one of those - a simple blessing!

This is my inspiration piece - it is from Better Homes and Garden (online).

This is my version :-)

I had the little pails on hand - they were a part of a patriotic tablescape I did last summer. I covered them, as suggested by bh&g, with Valentine scrapbook paper. You could also use wallpaper samples or scraps. I added a little bit of ribbon as the finishing touch (and to cover the cut edge of the paper!) I picked up some baby rosebuds and tulips at the grocery and I was all set.  I placed the blooms in little mason jars and then placed the jar in the pail.  

I love the cheerful touch it adds to the kitchen! 

Thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss.  Please come back soon.  I hope to share the cutest little Valentine picture frame! And remember, joy can be found in the most simple blessings! 

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Song of the Year

Last year at this time I wrote a post about chooosing a song to live by for the year, as opposed to making resolutions that will not be kept. I chose Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.  I started off the year thinking about the song quite often.  I shared  my plan with my friend Lynda.  Often she would tease me by looking at me and saying "sing your song" when I seemed to be stressing over something that was going on at work.  We laughed about it quite a bit, but, truly, I did try to remember the words to this precious hymn whenever challenges came my way.  I will be the first to admit that I fell short of my goal many times; however, I will also tell you that as a family we had a few big obstacles this past year and I do think that keeping my "eyes turned upon Jesus" helped us not only weather those storms, but also to emerge stronger as a family.

I have spent time thinking about what my song should be for the upcoming year.  Of course, I will choose a hymn because I believe that so much can be gained from reading, understanding, pondering, and of course, singing old, classic hymns.  The biblical truths written about in those wonderful songs are still pertinent and crucial to our  lives today.  I considered some of my all time favorites such as Only Trust Him, Have Thine Own Way, Lord (because, goodness, sometimes we all want OUR way, don't we?) and It Is Well With My Soul.  The first stanza of this classic hymn is so beautiful:

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul.

The amazing thing to me is that this was written by Horatio Spafford after he had lost his four daughters very tragically at sea.  What a man of amazing strength!

With so many meaningful songs to choose from, I finally decided on Be Still My Soul as my song for the year.  This wonderful old hymn, originally written in 1752, is so very clear in how we should strive to live - remembering that through it all, God is in control.  Perhaps it speaks to me so clearly because one of my favorite scripture verses is Psalms 46:10 which states "Be still and know that I am God". 

The first verse is:

Be still, my soul, the Lord is on my side,
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change, He faithful will remain.
Be still, my soul: thy best, they heavenly friend
Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

What a beautiful reminder that God is on our side regardless of what troubles may come our way.  We know that that in this life we will have heartache and tribulations, but this song reminds me to bear them patiently.  This is not my strong suit, in fact I fail miserably at it most of the time, and I imagine others may struggle in this area as well.  I whine and moan (and sometimes cry) and want things to be better now!   How comforting to remember that God is on our side and He will always be faithful: Faithful in loving us, faithful in providing for our needs, faithful in providing comfort and shelter from life's storms, and, of course, forgiving us when we falter and fail.  I want to remain cognizant of the fact that whatever comes my way in this life, there WILL be a joyful end...eternity with Jesus!  May I remember in the coming year to take to heart the message gleaned from the words of this hymn as the inevitable disappointments and sorrows come my way.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Seth is Nine!

Seth on his new "big boy" bike! 

Seth's ninth birthday was Sunday. I know I sound like every other mother when I say, "I can't believe my baby is already nine years old. It seems like he was just born!" It is so true though! I do feel a little sad because he is growing up so fast. I just have to try to not dwell on it! I longed to be a mother for so long. I have been doing my best to savor every moment of his childhood, but wow how time flies!!!

For his birthday, Seth decided he wanted Nini (my sister) and Spencer (my nephew) to come and spend the day with us. This is a family tradition for us.  We have "family" parties. One year we had a very small party with three of his friends, but honestly, we just prefer family gatherings. I guess because this was how Anita and I celebrated our birthdays when we were growing up.  Seth chose lunch at Carrabbas and a homemade cookie cake. After lunch he then requested a shopping trip to Academy. He wanted to shop for baseball things.... because, of course, you can never have enough!! Lol! Seth LOVES baseball!

It is a good thing my "real" job is being the Director of Curriculum, because 
I will never get a job as a cookie decorator! Lol! 
Please don't laugh at my attempt at creating a Boston Red Sox 
cookie cake!  FYI  Seth added the polka dots :-)

Seth, Spencer, and Nini

Jon, Seth and me

The sisters :-)

Our big boy! 

Seth said this was his best birthday EVER! Having Nini and Spencer here, lunch at Carrabba's, a shopping trip to Academy AND a new blue Schwinn- I'd say all in all, he was a happy boy!!! Jon and I are so proud of the precious child he has always been and the young man he is becoming. 
 We are so blessed!  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Vintage Christmas Present

I mentioned in my last post that, along with the vintage scale, Jon got me a wonderful antique iron dog for Christmas. Today I wanted to share this precious little dog with you. I had seen it a few times in this awesome antique store in Daphne, AL. I loved the old "chippy-ness" of it the first time I ever saw this darling piece, but it was more that I would spend on a "happy" for me. I mentioned it to Jon, and then I continued to look for it each time I went browsing in this delightful store. It was always there... I think it was meant to be! When Jon asked what I wanted for Christmas, I didn't hesitate and said "the dog and the scale"! As you know, he got the scale and yes, he got the dog too! He called me one day and said, "you never said this store was so huge... where on Earth is this dog you've been talking about?" I cracked up! I tried to describe again what it looked like and where it was located in the store. I also cautioned him not to buy it if it was still expensive - I am trying so hard to be frugal :-). Well, Merry Christmas to me! It was marked down!!! Now it is mine and I love it! 

You can see the dog on one of the middle shelves of the built in to the left of the fireplace. I also redid the arrangement on the main display area. I added a silhouette of me from when I was about six years old. Next I added an apothecary jar, three McCarty bunnies, a lamp and a wedding picture of Jon and me. 

He is made of cast iron - he is quite sturdy! From what I understand, he would have been used as a door stop many years ago. 

Isn't he darling? I am so glad that Jon was able to get him for me for Christmas! He reminds of hunting dogs that my uncles always had when I was a little girl. Just precious! 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Vintage Scale!

I am so excited to share my new antique (Is that an oxymoron?) scale that Jon got me for Christmas!  I apologize in advance for the pictures.  They are not great.  But back to the scale....Didn't he do a super job?  I have been wanting a scale for quite a while.  I have been drooling over some of the wonderful ones I have seen on some of my favorite blogs.  A couple of months ago Jon and I were browsing in a wonderful antique store in Mobile when I spotted a terrific vintage scale. Jon encouraged me to buy it, but I didn't - I don't know why.  I totally regretted not buying it on the spot!  When Jon asked what I wanted for Christmas, I immediately thought of the scale (and an antique dog that I had spotted at another antique store - but that is another story!)

Bless my sweet husband's heart, he went back to buy the scale and it was gone!  As luck would have it though - they  had gotten another scale and he got it for me!  I think it is perfect!  
I love all of the imperfections.  Isn't it fun to think 
of the families who used this before me? 

I think the vintage pyrex bowl looks great on the scale :-)

Another close-up.  It blends so well with the granite.  I am so happy with my new vintage treasure!

Next up, I will share with you my wonderful antique dog.  It is precious! Thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss! 

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I don't know about you, but I am ready for things to be back to normal.  I have one more day off and then it is back to work!  Lucky for me, I LOVE my job!!  However, it is so fun to pretend I am a stay at home mom for a while though :-)

Do you make New Year's resolutions?  Typically, I do not because I will just end up disappointed in myself when I don't lose twenty pounds by the end of January or run a half marathon by April!  I have decided that this year though I will do my absolute best to do the following:

Eat less of this:

And more of this:

Spend less time on one of these:
And more time doing this:

That should get me on the right track to a healthier, happier new year!!!  We are having a "Biggest Loser" Challenge at work and I would really like to do well.   I would love to lose 20 pounds, but I would settle for just feeling better and having more energy.... looking better would be such a nice bonus!! Winning the pot of money at the end would be really cool too!! I have made a promise to myself that if I lose 20 pounds, I will reward myself with a pair of Miss Me jeans. 

Today I did the Wii Fitness program for the first time.  I am embarrassed to tell you how hard it was for me to make it through the 30 minute session.  Holy cow!  My goal is to do this two or three days a week and walk in our neighborhood as well.  

What about you?  Do you make resolutions each year? I always love hearing what plans my friends make for the upcoming year!  

Again, Happy New Year!  As always, thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss!