Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine's Day Copycat Challenge

I love Debbie's Copycat Challenges!  They are so much fun! I had a hard time with this one though.  Every time I found something that I really liked that I wanted to use as my inspiration piece, I had a small problem. This ranged from realizing that the project would cost too much or I didn't have space for it, or I couldn't find one of the necessary items.  I searched numerous stores yesterday for a round picture frame so that I could make this adorable frame that I saw on bh &g online.  It was TOO cute!  I am not giving up, but I had to move on if I wanted to participate in today's party.  I finally settled on these easy peasy Valentine bouquets.  I was worried that they were too plain boring simple to share, but then I remembered what my blog is all about...finding joy is life's simple blessings.  I decided that these little bundles of tulips and tiny roses were one of those - a simple blessing!

This is my inspiration piece - it is from Better Homes and Garden (online).

This is my version :-)

I had the little pails on hand - they were a part of a patriotic tablescape I did last summer. I covered them, as suggested by bh&g, with Valentine scrapbook paper. You could also use wallpaper samples or scraps. I added a little bit of ribbon as the finishing touch (and to cover the cut edge of the paper!) I picked up some baby rosebuds and tulips at the grocery and I was all set.  I placed the blooms in little mason jars and then placed the jar in the pail.  

I love the cheerful touch it adds to the kitchen! 

Thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss.  Please come back soon.  I hope to share the cutest little Valentine picture frame! And remember, joy can be found in the most simple blessings! 

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  1. It really is the simple things in life. I saw these too and thought about this one. Yours turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the party.

  2. I love it, they turned out adorable :)

  3. It does add a cheerful little touch. I love the three of them lined up. Very cute Valentine's decoration.
    Eileen2 CottageBeachHouse

  4. I think your little buckets look great. I also like that you didn't have to spend anything extra - well, except for the flowers - to participate.

  5. /These really turned out precious. You did an awesome copy cat...isn't it so much fun. :))

  6. That does add a lot of Valentine charm to your kitchen. What a cute idea. Those little pails are proving to be quite versatile, aren't they?

  7. How cute! This was an awesome pick for the copy cat challenge. Enjoy your day, Gail


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