Sunday, May 20, 2012

Light and Airy Spring Tablescape

Just a quick post today to share a tablescape that I have actually had out for a couple of weeks.  I wanted something light and airy and "springy".  The weather here in Alabama has been really HOT for weeks now so I guess technically this should be a summer tablescape.  

I used my Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine dishes - I love how the white can be used for any season.  The placemats are pale green and white striped fabric. 

The centerpiece is a simple white tray I found at Target recently.  I topped it with my old stand-by, the apothecary jar, and filled it with green and white natural balls.  I added a white flower in a vase. I finished the arrangement by adding clear glass vase "filler" scattered around the tray.  

I always like centerpieces (in fact, the entire tablescape) 
to be clean and "not fussy".  

I wanted something to put in the middle of the plate to serve as the perfect finishing touch. I turned to my collection of Plush Pumpkins in happy spring colors.  I LOVE these little pumpkins and use them year round in a variety of colors.  These could easily be turned into place cards by using card stock and twine:-). 

I found the napkins rings several years ago at Target - They are silver and white and can be used for so many different occasions. 

Isn't the heart shaped pumpkin adorable?  

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Braves Opening Weekend 2012

A few weeks ago we went on a last minute, spur of the moment trip to Atlanta!  We were able to get tickets to the Saturday game of the Braves opening weekend.  To say the least, our baseball obsessed son was beside himself!  Because it was such a last minute decision, it reminded me of trips that I took as a child. Our parents always took us on yearly vacation, but they also would occasionally surprise with weekend trips to a variety of places. One in particular that I remember was a last minute trip to Dallas to visit Six Flags. I have such good memories from these trips. I want Seth to have these same special memories!  

Our little family had so much fun!  We went to a terrific upscale sports themed restaurant on Friday night after we arrived in Buckhead.  Saturday was spent rambling around Atlanta.  We went to the Atlanta Aquarium too!  Then we headed to Turner Field.  Seth was in heaven!!! We spent quite a while in the Braves store.  There were so many things to see!  He already had a Braves t-shirt, but we decided to treat him to a new Braves jersey.  Talk about a happy boy!!!!  Bring on the Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers...the entire game was a wonderful experience!  

So strange - of course, Seth loved it! 

So cute!!! 

Now on to Turner Field! 

Go Braves!!! 

We ended the weekend on Sunday morning by riding through a  beautiful, older neighborhood in Buckhead.  I took pictures of the most gorgeous homes!!! That was so much fun for me!!! Seth and Jon humored me while a oohed and ahhed at each lovely home!  

We are ready to go back to Atlanta!  The Braves are playing the Yankees in June - Atlanta is calling my name!! 
Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching Up!

Seth - Rivercats 2012

First of all, I want to say thank you to the bloggers who sent me emails checking on me!  I had no idea that anyone would even notice if I wasn't blogging regularly.  I am terrible about checking the email that I set up for this blog.  I pulled it up last evening and I was totally surprised to find messages from other bloggers who were worried about me.  Those emails meant so much to me!!!  We are all doing fine, but life has just been so busy.  I have said before that I truly want to blog all the time, but working full time, being a wife and mother (in particular a baseball mom) and just LIFE keeps me so busy that I look up and time has just WHOOSHED by so quickly!  

I will tell you this though - in a post that I wrote right at the start of the new year I mentioned that I was participating in a Biggest Loser contest at work. The good news is I have lost 24 pounds!  The bad news is that I came in second place twice!  We did the contest for two eight week periods!  Two different ladies won each time and received between $275 - $325 each.  The second place winner, me, got nothing! LOL  Not even a ribbon!  I said it was like when I was in high school and didn't make cheerleader!  Who comes in second place two times??  I was beaten by less than 1%!  I feel so much better though!!!  And that was my ultimate goal!  Jon and Seth and I have definitely been eating healthier, and we have been walking, lifting weights and working out with the WII Fit.  It felt so awesome to have to take my clothes to be altered - nothing fit!!!  What a feeling!  Shopping may be fun again!!  As an added plus, I was able to go off blood pressure medicine - my doctor was so proud of me! 

Here are a few pictures of my sweet Seth playing baseball and enjoying Easter.  I will be back tomorrow to share pictures of our recent trip to Atlanta.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 

I love opening day at Westside! So many children 
and parents excited about baseball! 
Playing catcher! 

Dying eggs

He decorated the eggs with a sports theme - Surprise, surprise!  
Notice the Rivercats (his baseball team) egg, 
the Kentucky Wildcats egg, and the Tennessee egg :-)  

The Easter Bunny came to see Seth! 

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