Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keeping it Real

I've heard a lot of people mention "keeping it real" on their blogs recently.  People have shown their junk rooms or spots of their house that are not perfect.  Others have talked about tough times they are going through at the moment.  I will just tell you that I wish I was on some beautiful beach right now - basically anywhere would be super!

You see, this weekend I am getting ready for a colonoscopy on Monday.  I should tell you now that this is not a new thing for me.  I have had Crohn's Disease for 20 + years so, trust me, I know the drill!  I still hate it though! Most people say they dread the prep and not the test, but I don't like either part!!  I used to handle it better before my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  (This is where I am getting really honest.)   My mom battled cancer for 14 months before she passed away.  Since that time, I have had a mini meltdown just before my colonoscopies.  My doctor is a saint though.  I usually hold it together until he walks in the room (by this time I have the IV etc.), but for some reason when I see him I start to cry.  He has been my GI doctor for almost 15 years.  He is so wonderful - he reassures me and calms me down.  Nonetheless, I dread Monday.  I know in my heart I will be fine.  I have been on a special chemo drug for the past 2 and 1/2 years that is keeping my Crohn's under control for the most part.  I just get REALLY anxious though.  Please pray for peace and the calmness of knowing that God is in control.

On a slightly funner note though, why does it seems like when you can't eat a certain thing (or basically anything but clear broth) for two days ALL you want to do is eat!  Even commercials that are for restaurants that I don't particularly care for look delicious!!!  I finally left the house just to get out for a while and not think about food.  Seth and I ran to Hobby Lobby and I got some darling chargers that will make their way into a Fourth of July tablescape soon.  We then went to Target and the cute little salad plates that I have been watching for months were half price.  I snatched them right up!!!  When I feel better I am going to "play" with my new treasures.  My last purchase was a new mat for a sketch of my husband when he was a little boy that we found when we were clearing out his mom's house.  It is so cute!  I need to spray paint the frame and switch out the mat and it will be good as new.

Now I am home and it is almost time for me to drink phase one of my "prep".  Phase two is tomorrow night.  Please let Monday afternoon be here soon! 

I hope you are all having a super weekend!  Thanks for letting me whine share! :-)
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Staffordshire Dog!!!

I have been wanting a Staffordshire dog for a while - I didn't think I would be able to find one of the little treasures that I could afford.  I have looked for them at antique shops, Craig's List, Good Will (one can hope!) and eBay.  Some of the antique stores were more affordable than others, but I wanted a BARGAIN!  I bid on a few and they quickly went out of my price comfort zone!  I found one last week though that says it IS a Staffordshire (i.e. it doesn't say Staffordshire STYLE)..... Well, I WON it on ebay.  I thought I got a fabulous deal on it!!! Now here is the deal - I don't know what particular markings it should have one it so I can't guarantee that it is a true Staffordshire dog.  One lady at an antique store in Fairhope, AL said the price could also depend on how old the piece is - obviously the older the more expensive.  She had a pair that was over $600! Either way, I love my new treasure - and for a fraction of the price!!!  Maybe I will learn more and luck up on a pair of Staffordshire dogs.  I really want a pair of black and white ones :-)  Until I am happy with my new precious trinket.  He reminds me of my Cavalier, Bentley!! 

Not sure where his permanent home will be but for now
he is on the end table in our great room. 

What a precious face!!!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Small Changes in the Foyer

Not a long post today - I  just wanted to share a few pictures of changes I made to the console table in the foyer.  I picked up a few new "trinkets" recently and I decided to place them on the foyer table.  Don't you just love to move things around in your home or pack a few things up so that later on they seem like brand new??  

My first new item is a small new grouping of Plush Pumpkins.  Boy, do I love these little cuties!  I used them in my Thanksgiving Tablescape - you can see that here.  The coolest thing about Plush Pumpkins though is that they come in a HUGE amount of gorgeous colors that can be used year round.  I think these cheerful pumpkins in spring colors are just adorable.  I can't wait to order even more for the fall..... oh, and you should see the silvery blues that would be perfect for a winter table!  Check out the Plush Pumpkin website here

I think these hot pink pumpkins are too cute!

By now you probably realize that the pumpkin stems are real! 

Hmmmm.... just ignore me in this picture :-)

The lamp and the candlesticks I have had for a while, but I still think they are wonderful!  On the bottom shelf I have a few of my McCarty Pottery pieces.  The box in the middle of the bottom shelf came from Art and Soul, my favorite store in Ocean Springs, MS.  Tori's store is packed with the most gorgeous decorating items! 

The other new item that I am totally in love with is the pair of cat bookends.  I got them from a garage sale - ok, to be totally honest, I got them from the things my mother in law was gathering for a garage sale, but that counts as a fabulous thrifty find, doesn't it???  I am not a cat person, but I just had to have these little kitties.  I love the way they look so old and worn.  I decided to display some of my vintage school books with them.  I was a teacher and a principal for many years before I became the curriculum director.  I LOVE ANYTHING that has to do with school.  I found some of these at antique stores (one is a spelling book from the 1930's) and one I had in my classroom when I first started teaching (no, I didn't start teaching THAT long ago, but I found this book in an old storage closet the first year I taught.)  I have kept these books in my classroom or office for many years.  I decided they would be perfect with my new bookends. 

I love thinking about the students and teachers who used these books. 

Another view....

Isn't it great how small changes make your home seem completely refreshed? 

As always, thanks so much for visiting!

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