Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Waco, Baylor, Baseball, and More!

Visiting Magnolia Market was one of the highlights of my summer!

Sadly, summer is over for us. Seth began seventh grade two weeks ago.  We enjoyed a wonderful summer together as a family.  My husband and I both work from home so we were able to spend quality time together every day.  Seth played in baseball tournaments through the early part of the summer which kept us pretty busy.  We were able to get away for a quick vacation before school was back in session. Seth wanted to go to another MLB game.  We decided to go to a Texas Rangers game because we could also visit Six-Flags as well. The best part though is Waco, yes, the home of Fixer Upper, is only 90 miles from Arlington!  Now, I don't know about you, but I am fairly obsessed with Fixer Upper. Having a "Chip and JoJo" home would be a dream come true!  However, we are not moving to Waco anytime soon so visiting Magnolia Market and seeing the silos is the next best thing!  This trip was a win-win for the entire family!! 

I have to tell you I was pretty giddy as we set off on our trip.  We left for Waco early on a Friday morning.  We arrived there in the afternoon and checked into the Hotel Indigo.  It is a beautiful hotel in downtown Waco.  I wish we could have stayed there longer.  The hotel staff told us it is the hotel where the Fixer Upper crew stays.  They also told us Chip and JoAnna were there quite often.  I was on Chip and JoJo alert the entire time!  We didn't see them though - I was so disappointed!  

Friday afternoon we set out and toured Waco. We saw the silos right away. We also toured the Baylor campus.  It is beautiful and Seth may want to be a Baylor Bear!  

We were able to enter the baseball stadium which Seth loved.

 The Baylor football stadium is beautiful! 

After our tour of  Baylor, we found Common Grounds and stopped for a quick latte'.  It is super cool.  You may remember the owners were in the episode in which Chip ate the roach!  We were sitting on a bench in the back of the coffee shop when one of the owners, Kimberly, walked by.  I wasn't going to say anything, but Jon stopped her and told her we recognized her.  She was so sweet!  She gave us a wonderful recommendation for a local restaurant where we had a yummy dinner.  

On Saturday morning we were up early to go to Magnolia Market.  It was very crowded, but oh so fun!  The MM employees were friendly and cheerful!  It was hard to decide exactly what to purchase because I wanted everything!!! I bought a sign, hymn cards, recipe/card holder, a cookbook holder, and a t-shirt.  I was thrilled with all of my goodies!  My sister and I are already planning a girls' trip back to Waco so she can visit the shop as well.  

Of course, after driving 440 miles, I had to have a picture in front of the famous sign. 

I love Joanna's style.  I could redo our home in all things Magnolia Market. 

Signs used in decorating seem to be one of Joanna's signature styles and there were many at Magnolia Market.  I simply do not have a space for any of the larger ones in our home although I love their sweet simplicity.  I did, however, bring home the small metal one shown in the picture at the top of the page. "Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly" is one of my favorite bible verses and was used in our wedding. 

We made a quick stop by some of Joanna's favorite stores before we left for Arlington.  Junque in the Trunk was too cute!! This 1961 camper is precious!!

If we had had more time, I would have loved to drive around Waco a bit longer to look for some of the Fixer Upper houses. I just knew we would stumble across one while we were sightseeing.  Not to sound "stalkerish", but I would have loved to have seen a few of them in real life! 

I will be back soon to share about the Texas Rangers game and our visit to Six-Flags. Seth had a blast - he is FEARLESS!!!