Sunday, May 6, 2012

Braves Opening Weekend 2012

A few weeks ago we went on a last minute, spur of the moment trip to Atlanta!  We were able to get tickets to the Saturday game of the Braves opening weekend.  To say the least, our baseball obsessed son was beside himself!  Because it was such a last minute decision, it reminded me of trips that I took as a child. Our parents always took us on yearly vacation, but they also would occasionally surprise with weekend trips to a variety of places. One in particular that I remember was a last minute trip to Dallas to visit Six Flags. I have such good memories from these trips. I want Seth to have these same special memories!  

Our little family had so much fun!  We went to a terrific upscale sports themed restaurant on Friday night after we arrived in Buckhead.  Saturday was spent rambling around Atlanta.  We went to the Atlanta Aquarium too!  Then we headed to Turner Field.  Seth was in heaven!!! We spent quite a while in the Braves store.  There were so many things to see!  He already had a Braves t-shirt, but we decided to treat him to a new Braves jersey.  Talk about a happy boy!!!!  Bring on the Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers...the entire game was a wonderful experience!  

So strange - of course, Seth loved it! 

So cute!!! 

Now on to Turner Field! 

Go Braves!!! 

We ended the weekend on Sunday morning by riding through a  beautiful, older neighborhood in Buckhead.  I took pictures of the most gorgeous homes!!! That was so much fun for me!!! Seth and Jon humored me while a oohed and ahhed at each lovely home!  

We are ready to go back to Atlanta!  The Braves are playing the Yankees in June - Atlanta is calling my name!! 


  1. Decided to check my updates and there's a nice one on your trip to Atlanta. I was just talking with a friend this afternoon on possibly taking our Scouts to Atlanta. What a fun trip you had with your family! And, girl, you look skinny in those pictures!

  2. Wow...two updates in two days...dont spoil me here! I would LOVE to see the pictures of the homes in Buckhead...please do a post on those. Seth is such an adorable young man. I also have many fond memories of vacations, and I was an only child...just like Seth. Every 4th of July we spent the weekend at Kings Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati and stayed at the Kings Island Inn (remember the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family episodes going there)? It was a treat and about a 6 hour drive. I usually got to bring a friend so we all would have a partner to ride on the rides with. My parents loved the roller coasters as much as us kids. Thanks for sharing your fun weekend and precious family photos. Genah

  3. Well it's about time! I missed your posts a bunch...looks like you are doing well-second place looks good on you and Seth definitely looked like he was in heaven in Atlanta!


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