Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life's Simple Pleasures

Our family decorated our Christmas tree last evening. It was such a joy to complete this special ritual together as the Christmas music played softly in the background. As I “oohed and ahhed” as each ornament was opened, I was thankful for the little pleasures that make life so enjoyable. It seems like such a tiny thing, but opening tissue to reveal a beautiful cherished ornament or an ornament that I made in church when I seven gave me such a joy! Yes, that little ornament made from a portion of a Christmas card backed with felt and lined with ric-rac brought such a smile to my face!
It made me think of other simple pleasures that make me happy each day! A few that crossed my mind are:
  • Hearing my son, Seth, giggle uncontrollably and exclaim “You’re the man” when my husband tickles him mercilessly
  • Listening to Seth sing – especially silly songs like “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”
  • Fresh flowers
  • Sharing a “belly laugh” with good friends
  • Hot, fresh cornbread slathered with butter
  • Licking the top of can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk – this has to be one of the best tasting things in the entire world!
  • Hearing my husband, Jon, call me “his Gracie” – my nickname because unfortunately I am slightly clumsy!
  • Laying out by the pool on a hot summer day while listening to classic rock
  • Hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows on the first chilly day of the year
  • Memories of my precious mother
  • My cowboy boots
  • Holding babies!
  • Cuddling on the couch with my furry babies, Bentley and Clarabel
  • Listening to my husband sing – he has an amazing voice!!
  • The feel of fresh clean sheets on a newly made bed
  • Blue jeans that fit perfectly
  • The smell of cinnamon
  • Small town America!
  • The long-horn cattle that I pass each day on my way to work!
  • Balancing my checkbook perfectly on the first try (alas, this rarely happens!)
  • Chilling out on Saturday morning with a fresh pot of coffee and new magazines
  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • Enjoying “sister time” with Anita
  • Seeing the look of joy on Seth’s face when he sees what Santa brought him on Christmas morning.

What little blessings bring you joy? I hope during this hectic holiday season you take time to enjoy the simple everyday pleasures of life!

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  1. lisa, i loved this blog! it gave me pause to think of my own simple pleasures and be grateful for the wonderful blessings in my own life! this blog also made me realize something else about "us"....not only do our sons share names...your nickname "gracie" is the name i use for my oldest daughter, taylor grace! good friends in my life is such a blessing that i'm appreciative of. looking forward to your next entry! kg

  2. Hey Lisa,
    I just read your recent Christmas blog and your words are so true! I feel so blessed each day having such a beautiful daughter, a loving grandson, and many wonderful and caring friends. I feel like it's Christmas every day.

    You are such a talented writer and I look forward to reading your blogs. Please post a picture of your Christmas tree and ornaments. I've had the pleasure of seeing your house and tree in person and it's beautiful!!

  3. What a great post! I would love to see your whole tree! :)


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