Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

 Merry Christmas!!  I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful 
Christmas season - especially today! 

I have loved our tree this year.  We bought it right after Thanksgiving 
and it STILL looks and smells amazing!  After many years of artificial trees, 
it is so awesome to have a gorgeous live tree. 

Although I have tried various themes over the years, traditional red and 
green is still my favorite - you can never go wrong with a classic. 

By moving the chair out of the corner of our home office, I was able to
place our slim tree here this year.  The colors go perfectly with the office, and who could
resist all these precious owls, deer and other animals? 

We kicked off the holidays at our house with brunch on Christmas Eve.  Actually it was just our family and Jon cooked a big breakfast late yesterday morning.  But, doesn't brunch sound so much better?  And everything is better on festive dishes, don't you agree?
I used our Christopher Radko salad plates that I have had for several years.  The red and white dinner plates were a HomeGoods find that I couldn't pass up! 

One day I will get used to not having a fireplace - I hope!  But for now, this is where we hang our stockings.  I long for a mantle to decorate.  

This was the last quilt my mom made - it is a beautiful reminder of her. 
 She made Christmas so special for all of us!  

I don't know about you, but my favorite decorations 
are the ones we've had forever  - the sentimental ones.  I've had this 
"red princess" jar since I was a really young teacher... a long time ago! 

More sentimental favorites - the poinsettia pictures belonged to my mother.  
I love to hang them each year.
I was going to do a full blown "Holiday Home Tour" so I could share
 all of our trees (2 full, four small) and other decor, but since I am so late posting this because we have been savoring every minute of the season, I will end with a few pics of my precious family!  This boy will be 14 in January - be still my heart!  I am so proud of him!    He LOVES the holiday and makes Christmas so much fun!! 

We forget to take pics of the two of us together, so I was thankful Seth took one last night. As you can tell by our attire, it was not a White Christmas (or a cold one) in Mississippi!  Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day!  

Thank you visiting Buttercup Bliss!
Be blessed,



  1. Sweet pictures. Love your tree. Very pretty. Hope your day was filled with lots of fun.
    Happy New Year.

  2. I agree on two the decorations I have had the longest and hold such good memories are the very best AND the real tree is a nice change. We went with a real tree this year after a very long time with fake. I thought they were too messy (although I had carpet in those days), but I so loved my real one this year. We are back to real for the future.
    Everything is beautiful as always. I have always loved everything you do in your home, and I still think that concrete floor is wonderful.

  3. Your home looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas! It's good that your tree was so healthy and you were able to enjoy it longer. I love the smell of a live tree too. It was extremely warm here in GA on Christmas day too. I actually wore shorts! My husband cooked a turkey outside in our air fryer and worked in the yard while that was cooking. It felt like a mild summer day. Crazy! Glad that you had a nice Christmas.

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