Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying Spring in the South

Azaleas - The quintessential Southern flower :-)

Hi!  It seems like forever since I have posted - I didn't think that would happen when I started this blog!  I have so much to say (my friends will laugh at that!) and I love to write, so I figured I would post constantly.  But..... life is busy and full of activity and I wouldn't have it any other way!  The writer of one of my favorite blogs is "hibernating" right now. Perhaps that is what I have been doing - enjoying life and taking care of what is most important to me, my family! 

We have been enjoying a beautiful spring lately!!  Spring is always beautiful in the South!!  It is such a joy - gorgeous weather and beautiful flowers everywhere.  We don't have much of a fall in the south and summer is hot as *&+@#@ so we definitely enjoy our springtime.  It is awesome to live in a place where you can wear shorts in March and head to beach in the early spring! 

Here are some pictures have I snapped recently.  I love seeing the wisteria, azaleas, and dogwoods in bloom!  I drive about 50 minutes through the country each day to work.  I am sure Seth got tired of me saying "Oh, look that is gorgeous!  I wish I had my camera!"  Finally, one Sunday, we just grabbed the camera and went for a "flower ride"!.  Jon patiently pulled the truck over so I could capture the beautiful sights of southern Alabama!  Enjoy!  Hope you are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!

Not sure what the official name of this plant is - we call it a "snowball" tree!

Wisteria - a little piece of Heaven on Earth.  This picture was taken in my friend Diane's back yard.  She is blessed to live in the country (kinda/sorta).  It is so peaceful :-)

More azaleas!

This picture doesn't do this gorgeous tree justice. 
This farm was filled with dogwoods.  Amazingly beautiful!

My mother - in - law grows the prettiest roses! 

More of Miss Mary's roses!  She can grow anything!

Our Knockout roses - pretty and easy to grow!

"Happy" flowers by the front door!

I will be back soon with a few projects, Easter decorations, and pictures of Seth playing baseball - another terrific sign of Spring! 


  1. That second photo is so ironic to me because as a young boy, whenever I was required to play sports I would have much rather preferred dressing up as a southern belle.


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