Monday, April 25, 2011

Play Ball!

I mentioned in a recent post that we have been really busy with baseball the past couple of months.  What I didn't mention was that Seth is obsessed with baseball!!!  It is so funny! He tells me about Babe Ruth, Lou "Garry" as he calls him, Jackie Robinson, and the pitcher for the Giants ("you know mom, the guy with the long hair" EVERY DAY! This is his fourth year to play and he loves it more every year!   He even wanted the Easter Bunny to bring him striped baseball pants! 

When he was in tee-ball the first year he SLID into home plate every time.  It was hilarious! Each year several of the parents have said they enjoyed watching Seth because he was so intense!  He has played on a church league for the past three years, but this year we decided to make the move to the city league so that it would challenge him - he has definitely been challenged.  He is loving it so much and getting better every day.  I adore seeing him play!  Being Seth's biggest fan is just about the most fun I have ever had!!! 

A few weeks ago his team, the DiamondJaxx, won their game 12 - 0.  Seth hit a double and a triple AND got the game ball!!  (This is a huge deal!  LOL)  Would you believe I didn't have my camera that evening?  Oh well, I have a few more to share with you - I am sure there are other baseball moms out there who think their child's Little League game is more exciting than the World Series!!! 

Opening Day at Westside Baseball - Even the Azalea Trail Maids were there!
At bat! 

On base, ready to run, run, run!

A little walk down memory lane.... Seth's first year at t-ball. How precious!

So determined!!!

Future superstar!!!  Who will it be? 

The Yankees, Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, Giants???? 


  1. How very precious! Not only will you remember every base he slid into, Seth will remember YOU,, yelling in the stands, and crying when he does something great! These are the most precious times! I know that you cherish every second, the clock hand absolutely flies by during these wonder years! I love reading your blogs!!! Keep em coming!!!


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