Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Summer!

So precious!!!  

Happy Summer!!  We have been super busy the last few weeks!  School ended for Seth the week before Memorial Day.  He had such a great year! His teacher was just precious!  He received the All-A Award and the Writing Award during the Awards Day Celebration!  Jon and I are so proud of him! 

Seth is attending Day Camp at a local church this summer; however, it did not begin until a week and a half  after his school ended. (This is just one of the challenges of living in one state and working and going to school just across the state line - different schedules!) He was thrilled with this because that meant he got to go to work with me during that time.  He thinks this is SO much fun because he hangs out with one of his best buddies, Jonathon, while I work.  Jonathon's mom and dad are principals in our district. Jonathon and Seth are both huge baseball fans.  They are also both "outside" boys. They literally played baseball all day long every day!!!  Not to mention that they thought they were big stuff playing on the high school baseball field!! Seth smelled like a wet puppy by 4:30 every day!  He was a happy boy!

Seth and Jon-Jon playing with my boss's little boy.  
The big boys were so funny and patient has they coached Dallas. 

In other news, Seth has been begging for a hamster, a gerbil, a rabbit.... you get the picture :-).  Jon and I gave in last week and now we are the proud owners of a long-haired hamster.   Meet Chipper (you guessed it - after Chipper Jones).  He is too cute!!!!  We actually had another hamster for a few days, but unfortunately he (Hank - as in Hank Aaron) had an "eye issue" and had to be returned.  Yikes, yes returned!  The pet store assured us that he would be treated and adopted by another family. Seth handled it really well.  Goofy me thought we would just have "Hank II", but Seth quickly told me that no, Hank was the first hamster and the new hamster had to have his own name.  Thus, Chipper came to be!  

Isn't he adorable?  He is very young and will get fluffier in the coming weeks.  

I made a quick project today that I hope to share tomorrow.  I have a list of fun summer projects that I am so excited to make and share soon.  :-)

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summer!!!  Here's to sunshine and happiness!!! 

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  1. Sweet post. Congratulations on the end-of-year honors. We are enjoying our summer days, too. I had a long- haired hamster years ago. He named himself-- Rascal! He escaped from his home the first night and I finally found him asleep under a chair cushion. He was a great pet and lived for years.
    I answered your email about Skip (awhile back).

  2. Well will wonders never cease! Seth has buffaloed you once again...yippee for him! What a cute pet for a special not so little anymore boy!


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