Monday, December 30, 2013

New Vintage Treasures and a Question

Hi friends!  I am taking a break from watching bowl games (Hotty Toddy!!)  to share with you a few new vintage treasures that I just received.  First, I am so excited to have two new additions to my Ironstone collection.  The first is a small milk pitcher that I picked up a month or so ago at Antiques at the Loop in Mobile.  At only around 5 inches tall, it is such a sweet, simple piece.  I thought it was perfect and only eighteen dollars!  

The second is a slightly larger, and more ornate, milk pitcher.  It is also vintage white Ironstone.  It is probably older than the first piece.  The tag said it was from the nineteenth century.  I have looked at it several times at Antiques at the Loop.  (Can you tell I love this store?)  There are a few more larger pieces there that I love, but I just haven't been willing to splurge.  On Sunday Jon and Seth and I rambled around after having a late breakfast at Panera Bread.  After we had been to Academy and Hibbett's, we made a stop for me!  Yippee!!  The booth that had my favorite Ironstone pieces were having a 20 % off sale.  Yippee again!!  I decided to get this piece.  It has some wear and tear marks from over the years, but that just makes it even more special!!  I am looking forward to growing my Ironstone collection in years to come.  I already have my eye on a fabulous soup tureen!

This year I also began collecting American Fostoria crystal - thanks to my sister Anita!  She has quite a collection going.  So far, I have only purchased six juice glasses.  They are adorable!!  I have been drooling over the beautiful Fostoria cake stands that I see in antique stores and, of course, on Ebay.  I do not want to pay $200 plus.  It is crazy how expensive they can be!!  

I was thrilled when my sister, Anita, gave me one for Christmas.   When I opened it, she explained that it was a "cake salver".  I had never heard this term before.  I am assuming that salver means server. :-) 

I love that it is vintage.  It still has the original Fostoria sticker.  Very cool!  

The thing is:  it is in two pieces!  Have any of you every seen this before?  How do you connect the two pieces?  Liquid nails?  Another adhesive?  Do I take it to a glass repair specialist?  Are you just supposed to use the flat part?  It sits fine by itself; however, if that is true, why is there a pedestal? Wouldn't that just be a cake plate as opposed to a cake stand?   (My sister and my aunt, who also collects Fostoria, both have beautiful cake stands but they are the one piece type. :-).  In the picture above I have the top sitting on the base, but if I put anything on it I am certain it would fall.  The top of the pedestal is curved and the bottom of the plate is curved. Perplexing!!  Help please!!! 

If there are any collectors or crystal/Fostoria experts out there, I would really appreciate your advice.  (I asked at Antiques at the Loop, but they said they don't usually have Fostoria and therefore, they were unsure of what to tell me.)  Help please!  

Thank you for visiting!  I hope some of my blogging friends out there know exactly what I need to do so that I may use my beautiful vintage beauty!! 

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  1. I have a glass cake plate that belonged to my Grandmother and it separated. I plan on gluing it back together. How? Idunno! Let me know what you figure out. Your plate is gorgeous!


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