Friday, January 28, 2011

Boring to Better Dining Room Chairs

Some of my favorite blogs that I follow regularly feature posts periodically that are entitled "Boring to Better."  I thought I would share with you something in my home that I recently changed from boring to better - my dining room chairs.  To be truthful, in the case of these chairs, BLAH to Better would be an even more accurate description.  They were the epitome of  "straight from the furniture store" boring with a capital B!  Actually it was a triple B - beige, blah, and boring! 

When we bought the dining room furniture after Katrina we knew eventually we would recover the chairs, but at that point, we just wanted to get furniture and get back in a home. I bought some fabric and put it in the closet.   I didn't think it would take us four years to complete this simple chore. Oh well, they are now finished and so pretty!

I had originally planned to cover all the chairs in the same pattern, however, when Jon and I started the project I decided to use some fabric that I had bought to make pillows with to cover the "end" chairs and the original fabric to cover the side chairs.  I thought it would add interest to the room if the chairs were covered in different material. Jon did most of the work, which is a blessing because he is such a perfectionist - the stripes on the chenille fabric were not a problem for him at all!   I am so happy with the way the chairs turned out! 
Here is a "before" picture.  Blah and boring!

This is "after" of the end chair.  I love the design on the fabric. 

I wish the colors would show better in this close-up. 
I definitely need a better camera! 

This is an "after" of the side chairs.  The fabric is a
nubby chenille that is red and gold/khaki.  The texture is fabulous. 
The dining room as it looks right now.  I am ready to transform it from
 somewhat "blah" to beautiful with a spring tablescape! 

I am linking to Kim's Boring to Better Party at Come on over and join the fun!


  1. Love the fabric for the chairs. I did my end chairs and side chairs in different fabrics, too. I hope you join my boring to better party some time. Just link this up this week.
    thanks so much for the sweet comments.

  2. Oh how pretty your chairs look now with the new seats. The fabric is gorgeous! You have a lovely dining room.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Your chairs AND your dining room are beautiful! I adore both of the fabrics you chose! What a great project!

    I am off to check out the recipe in your previous post!

  4. The chairs are gorgeous and I love your pick of fabrics!

  5. I love all the detailed carvings on your chairs, plus you found the perfect fabric to cover them with!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! LOVE the red! Great job!

    Lou Cinda

  7. Beautiful fabrics! I love the wall color as well, can you share what it is?

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments. Gayle, the paint color is High Tea by Sherwin Williams.

  9. Thank you for the sweet comment! Fantastic Makeover, love the fabrics! I also love the rich wall color!

  10. thats a beautiful dining room,,


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