Monday, August 29, 2011

Romans 8:28

Let me start by saying " I am baaaccck"!  I never thought I would go this long between posts, but let's just life has been a little, well, BUSY lately! How is that for sounding positive?  The truth is I have been a little overwhelmed lately, thus, blogging got pushed to the back burner. The last time I posted I was getting ready for a colonoscopy - for those of you who asked, the procedure went well and the reports were good.  So good my sweet doctor decided to let me go off the chemo for a while.  In hindsite, this was probably not a good plan..... I don't know if it was the sudden removal of the chemo or the many things that have been going on, but I am right in the middle of a Crohn's flare-up which is decidedly NOT fun!!!  As of today, I am on steroids.... a lot of steroids, but it is guaranteed to make me feel better really soon!!! 

As for other news - we moved!!!  To be brutally honest, we made the decision to down-size and we are thrilled!!!  God is taking care of us.  In the last year or so, my goal has been to be happy and content with less!  This is sometimes a struggle for me - again, I am being honest here.  Anyway, a door opened and we jumped in with both feet.  We are in love with our new smaller house.  I will share some pictures really soon!  No we don't have a formal dining room any longer, nor do we have two guest bedrooms, or double ovens, or a pool.  BUT,  I LOVE the things we do have which include beautiful wide-plank pine floors, the sweetest screened porch and deck you have ever seen, gorgeous cypress cabinets (which I never would have thought of, but I immediately thought were wonderful!) AND a five burner gas range which has been on my wish list forever!  All in all, we feel so blessed to have our new home!!!  It is a much more casual home and it suits us perfectly!  Jon says it is his favorite house ever :-) 

I am so thankful for the blessings in my life!  I am reminded of this daily!  I know with all my heart that God uses ALL things for good - even things that I don't understand - for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.  Six years ago today we lost our home in Hurricane Katrina.  At the time, I was devastated!  I now know that God used that time to begin teaching me about what is truly important!  Yes, I knew that before, but, when suddenly you are homeless, things that really matter become crystal clear!  It has been a long road - and two houses later, but I know God is still in control.  He blesses me daily!  I may not have the biggest house, or the fanciest car, or the house full of children I always thought I would have (I pray daily for peace about my struggle with infertility), BUT, I have a husband who truly loves me through thick and thin, and a precious son who makes me happy every day.  My dad is doing great and, of course, my sister is my best friend.  A super job and wonderful friends...... yes, I am blessed. 

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day and she touched on this very topic.  I sat there with tears in my eyes and told my dear friend Lynda to read it with me.  She looked at me and said, "you really needed to hear that today".  So true!  If you have not visited Sugar Pie Farmhouse, I urge you to - she is so down to earth and Lynda and I agree, she has the most amazing pantry ever!  Her blog is precious - vist it here

Thanks for visiting.  I hope to be back soon with more pictures of the new house! 

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P.S.  It's been so long, but it feels GREAT to blog again!  I am ready to post pics of our small porch dress up, Seth's "big boy" room and other little projects! 


  1. Welcome back! I am sorry to here you are ill...however, you will be feeling great in no time with those steroids for sure. I am glad to hear you downsized, hey bigger is not always better. I always reflect back to the days when my husband and I had nothing, tiny little apartment and eating mac and cheese...those were some of the best memories I will cherish.

  2. Lisa, so glad you're back--you have been missed! I'm sorry you've been sick, I have a friend with Crohn's and I know it can be tough. I'm super happy to hear about your new home! It looks and sounds beautiful!! I love a fresh start to things sometimes:)

    I wanted you to know that I can empathize with your infertility, for this is a road that I've been on for years now. I pray daily about it, and I truly trust that God has my situation in His hands, though it can be incredibly difficult at times. I will begin to also pray His peace for you on this!

    It sounds like there are exciting decorating adventures to abound in this new place of yours. I'm anxious to see what you have in store! :)


  3. Hi Lisa, Nice to meet you. Welcome back! Your plate sounds so full of challenges. Your positive attitude serves as inspiration for your readers. I hope the steroids have you feeling better in short order.

    I'm your newest follower. Found you via Debbie.


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