Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seth's "Bigger Boy" Room

 Seth' new bedroom - Cozy and perfect for an 8 year old who LOVES baseball! 

I  never dreamed when Seth was born 8 and 1/2 years ago that the time would come so quickly when we would be moving him into a "bigger boy" room.  It seems like I was just planning his precious nursery.  We moved from the house where we lived when he was born when he was 17 months old so we moved him into a "toddler" bedroom.  After a year we lost our home in Katrina - when we rebuilt we called his room a big boy room.  It was just super cute!! It has been the same until we recently moved.  We were downsizing and it just made more sense to keep the queen size sleigh bed that we had used for my step-son and later on for my mother in law when they lived with us.  I really wanted to hang on to Seth's old room for a while (his growing up as been difficult for me - in my mind he will always be my baby!), but my sister convinced me that Seth was growing fast and would need more than a twin bed fairly quickly.  I reluctantly agreed and set about planning his "bigger boy" room.  Notice I am not calling it a "tween" room.  I am just not ready for that!!!  

As you can tell, Seth loves baseball, and while I am not a fan of theme rooms, I agreed for there to be touches of his favorite thing in the world!!  I am telling you he is obsessed by baseball!!!  The sheets (National League from PB Kids) were his choice.  The simple navy quilt with stars is mine.  He prefers that the European shams go in the front because they show the American League and the National League.  I gave in and put the standard shams in the back.... :-)  What we do to make our little boys happy!  I have ordered a small baseball pillow to go in the front, but for now his beloved puppies (Dudley, Gracie, and Brutus) claim that spot in front of the shams.  Seth has adored stuffed animals - primarily puppies - since he was a tiny boy! I am so glad he hasn't gotten too cool for them!

 A small red quilt from his toddler room adds color to the 
end of the sleigh bed. 
 I love the little pics of Seth  framed in red - just a little punch of color.  
Don't you love Build-A-Bear?  
 Seth has his own little leather chair :-)  Kind of cheesy, but, oh well! 
He really likes it! 
 This is above his closet door - Again, I am not into themes but this is the first one he has had - I gave in! 
Please notice the black and red lamp - My sweet husband totally transformed an old brass lamp into this lamp perfect for a little boy's room!  It even has baseball pull chains.  I will do a post on this soon!  

Jon and Seth picked out the black and white baseball field pictures.  They are of Yankee Stadium and Wrigley field.  Seth would rather go to one of these places than Disney World!  They also picked out the wrought iron pieces above Seth's bed.  I am blessed with a husband who loves to shop!!  He truly cares about what our house looks like! A bulletin board helps display Seth's artwork.  Did I mention that he loves to draw as well?  He is very well rounded!!  

A close up of the Teddy Bears on his nightstand.  I know he will outgrow these at some point, but for now Teddy Bears are still OK and I am thankful! 

This is probably my favorite thing in the entire room - it is an original drawing by a friend of ours.  Yes, one of our "biker friends" drew this of Seth!  This precious man, Larry, took the time to create this one of a kind picture of my baby!  I love it!!!  

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  1. What a precious room. My baby boy is 32. When he moved out, I turned his room into a shrine. Yes, he will always be your baby boy. Enjoy11

  2. It sure does go by fast. What a cute cute room. Love those little bears too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a cute room! You have thought of every last detail!! Very cute. What a lucky boy!

  4. What a great room for your son. I bet he loves all your special touches.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    What a fabulous room. Seth is one lucky young man. I'm visiting and following from Debbie's Newbie Party and I hope to visit often. I also hope you will visit me sometime. Hugs, Chris

  6. I love that room! It is so hard to find inspiring pictures for boys rooms! Mine are 5 and 7 and I really need to work on theirs. Great job!
    Visiting from WUW.

  7. Great job on your room! It looks adorable!! Where did you get your quilt? Looks similar to a Pottery Barn one that I've had my eye on for a while!! Love it!!

  8. Your son's room looks like it was a lot of fun to put together. You did an great job! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too!


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