Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogger Woes....Help, please :-)

This is my attempt at being sweet and positive! I wanted to put a picture of me yelling in frustration!

Friends, I am desperately hoping that someone can help me. I am going nuts with my blog! Last week I wanted to make one change - I wanted to add the "You may also like" gadget at the bottom of each post. In the process of attempting that, I totally messed up my blog. My dear husband has spent hours trying to fix it. My background is no longer available. My husband chose another one from hogbliggity. It was okay, but not exactly what I was looking for.... I really want one with the pictures at the top like many of you have, but apparently I need blogging for dummies. LOL I don't think I am ready for that so until then I just want a simple, pretty blog! I tried again today to fix it and finally got one that I like. It is the pale yellow accented with blue. BUT, the old one (with the fall colors) will NOT disappear! It still shows up before the new one finally "settles" into place. Does anyone know how to fix this?? I have made sure the correct "code" is in the HTML gadget! I had someone in our technology department look at it and they couldn't figure it out either. Any advice?

Also, I haven't had any comments since the first issue last week. I was beginning to feel like I did when I didn't make cheerleader in highschool! I had my friend try to leave a comment and it wouldn't let her.....Again, any ideas? I wish blogger had a phone number! Obviously, none of you, my blogger friends, can leave me a comment to tell me what you think is wrong, but perhaps you could email me. I love my new hobby and I hate for things to not be perfect! THANKS SO MUCH!!!


  1. Trying to leave you a comment..just to see if it works. :)

  2. Looks like it worked! I don't know how to tell you to fix your background woes. I haven't changed mine in ages. From time to time, Blogger does strange things. Sometimes you have to just give it a few days to settle out.

  3. I had the same issues when trying to add a non-blogger template to mine. I now have it on the "picture-window" template in blogger and somehow it now allows me to add other backgrounds. I'm no techie person so not sure why or how it worked. Hope it helps!

  4. p.s. I used the above for my blog Scribbles and Swirls,(picture window template then added "cutest blog on the block" background code in the html code") My other blog Curb Alert! is just the plain travel theme background from blogger.

  5. hi lisa thanks for visiting my blog. blogger is so frustrating sometimes! i've never known how to ad "you may also like" at the end of posts either. if you find out can you let me know. not sure about the template thing but i'll have a look and see if i can work anything out.
    i also wish there was a number to call.
    have a great day!
    cheryl x

  6. I see that you got things fixed. I'm a self-taught blogger and don't understand how things seem to change...when I don't think I've made changes. I remember staying up wayyyy too late one evening and trying to fix something one time. frustrating.
    Loved your sweet picture--so now I want a cupcake. Did these come from Swirls in Mobile? We got some of their wonderful cupcakes in Spanish Fort at the shopping center when we went to Fairhope at Christmas. We got some going....and some on the return trip. YUMMY!


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