Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sister Time!

Anita and Me (I was going to put a picture of us last weekend, but we both looked a little tired after our long day of fun! I cheated and put this picture of us from last year.) 

This past weekend Seth and I went to visit my father and my sister (aka “Papa” and “Nini”).  My dad and Anita live about three hours away so I don’t see them every week.  It is such a treat to see them along with my niece and nephew.  My sister and I have always been super close! (In fact, when I moved to Natchez, MS after I finished college, I cried so when my family left me, I was practically sick!)  Anita threatened to not come visit me because I got so upset when she left.   We are only 13 months apart in age and have no other siblings.   We remain extremely close to this day!!  We talk every day – some days we talk multiple times!  I have always thought of Anita’s children, Paige and Spencer, as partly “mine”.  Since my mom passed away, Nini has become aunt and grandmother rolled into one for Seth. 
Needless to say I love any chance to have sister time.  Friday night the whole family enjoyed dinner at The Elite, one of our favorite Jackson, MS restaurants.  It is always such a delicious treat!! My dad always chooses the veal cutlets with gravy while Anita and I think the homemade enchiladas are out of this world!  Throw in the homemade rolls and “come-back” salad dressing and you have the most scrumptious meal you can imagine!
Saturday we spent the day shopping.  We went to a local antique/consignment store in Brandon.  I found the coolest vintage Pyrex dishes in the “last chance” room.  They are orange and just scream “retro”!  I got both of them for only nine dollars!  What a steal!!  I also got a Longaberger basket for only $17!  Why anyone would want to sell a Longaberger handmade basket is beyond me!! 
I can't wait to use my new, cool bowls! 
I love Longaberger! 
Seth is growing like a weed so we had to shop for new uniform pants and new shoes.  It seems like I just bought school shoes.  We did a little Christmas shopping too.  I get so excited when I find the perfect gift for someone!  We stumbled upon a precious happy that just screamed “Paige”, my niece who is 21.  I would show you but she is certainly reading this blog…. I hope!  While we were in another one of our favorite stores in Brandon, I saw this ring and just had to have it!  My sweet sister bought it for me.  Who needs rings that cost thousands of dollars when you can have something this cute for less than twenty dollars?  I wore it right out of the store! 
  Oh my goodness, where did this old lady hand come from?
Of course, we did manage to shop a little for ourselves.  The sale racks were calling our names!!  We both found a few things we couldn’t live without!  Anita found the coolest gray “poncho/shawl”  (hmmm… I don’t know what you call it).  It looked fabulous on her!  She is tall and thin - unlike her little sister!  
Our next stop was to Barnes and Noble to pick up the latest copies of Mississippi magazine and Delta magazine.  They are both so wonderful!  I love reading them each time a new issue is released.  They both are published six times a year and are just chock full of superb stories, recipes, decorating ideas and tons of information about our beloved Mississippi!  The highlight of the evening was enjoying our new magazines while watching Andy Griffith reruns – we both are addicted to Andy! 

Whew!  I didn’t mean for this to be such a long post!  If you stuck around for the whole story, thank you for listening to me ramble on about “sister” time!  It was such a wonderful weekend.  I can’t wait to go back to Brandon in a few weeks for Thanksgiving!  

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  1. This sounds like you had a great time. I've always wanted a sister. I guess at 58 I'm not getting one.

  2. What wonderful sister time you had, and so glad you could shop with her, love the ring too!

  3. Nice blog! Are you a Mississippi gal? I have family up there! I can relate to great times with a sister since I am a twin. I will check back on your blog decorating posts because we are fixing to build a new home.


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