Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days and Family Fun!

Seth  ~ doing "the wave:" at the Senior Bowl!

We have enjoyed several days of family fun this past few weeks.    My husband's job requires him to work on Saturday so having him home for family time is such a treat!! A few weeks ago we celebrated Seth's 11th birthday.  Because his birthday fell on a Wednesday, the celebration stretched over several days.  We had a special dinner on his actual birthday. On Friday evening we went to Carrabbas to kick off the weekend when his best buddy, Jonathon, came to visit. On Saturday, the boys enjoyed bowling and playing laser tag.  They also enjoyed a long shopping trip to Dick's Sporting Goods (That is such a guy thing!!  I spent part of the time at Pier One!) We also had dinner in Daphne at Champy's where we dined on the best fried chicken I have every had in my life!!  

Our favorite neighbors came to visit on Saturday morning.  The boys were thrilled! 

This past Saturday, we attended the Reese's Senior Bowl. Our little football fanatic had a blast!!!

Warming Up

The Saintsations and the Azalea Trail Maids were on hand for the exciting day! 

This week's weather in the deep south allowed us more family time!  Yes!!  We are now in our third SNOW DAY!!  This very seldom happens in coastal Mississippi/Alabama!!  It is technically "ice", but trust me, the children here do not care!!  It is white and it is on the ground!! Children and grown ups alike are making "ice men", sledding, and generally have a ball!!!  

Yes, he is wearing a football helmet to play in the "wintry mix"! 

We are so blessed that we were safe at home during this very rare event.  The news is full of stories of people who were stranded in their cars for many hours.  My brother in law's dear friend was stuck in his car in Atlanta for over 24 hours.  The goodness of people was so clear during this time as stories emerged of strangers delivering food and water, inviting people into their homes, etc.  

Photo: The Bay is frozen around the edges.  Quite a rare occurrence !
Mobile Bay is beginning to freeze. 

The beach in a frozen state....

I think our bougainvillea may not survive! On a funny note, 
Seth was recreating the scene from "A Christmas Story"! 
 He had us laughing like crazy as he recited the lines...."Stuck, stuck, help! Don't leave me!" 

Stay warm dear friends!! We  are about to play another round of Uno and drink hot chocolate!! 



  1. We've had a great time being home too, although I think three days is enough. If I had to live in this cold climate for a full winter, I think I would go crazy!


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