Friday, April 18, 2014

Huge Decisions... Big News

At the end of June I will retire!  Which is amazing since I am only 30!  Ha!! Oh, how I wish I were that young!!  Retirement!  A word that brings about so many possibilities! Retirement is one of those things that a person thinks about but it is so far in the future for too much serious thought. I began teaching 29 years ago - retirement wasn't even something I gave any thought at all.  Fast forward about 15 years -  retirement became something I dreamed of (i.e. something along the lines of "When I retire I will be able to work out whenever I want....")  When I had Seth, many people assumed I would stop working; however, I was only seven years away from completing 25 years in education.  My thought was "I can retire when he is in second grade!" I guess there is a perk of having your child late in life.  Even though truthfully I would have loved to stay home with him right then - it didn't seem financially sound to walk away when I had invested 18 years in my career.  Eventually I reached the 25 year milestone and the time just didn't seem right.  I enjoy my job and the people I work with are wonderful!  The commute; however, is another thing!  Seth and I drive over an hour (each way!) every day for work and school - he goes to school in the district in which I work.... which, as you can see, creates another problem.  If I retire Seth will have to leave the school he has attended since kindergarten.  This has been our main focus throughout this year because I have really grown weary of the daily drive - I feel like all I do is commute, work, ball practice for Seth, cook, iron, repeat!  It is amazing how over two hours a day in a car will drive you nuts!  (I realize people all over deal with this - I am just being honest. I have gotten to where I don't want to go places if I have to drive.  Sad, but true!)  

We decided if we were going to make a decision about retiring then we needed to make it sooner rather than later.  I want Seth to be settled in his new school when he begins sixth grade (middle school - oh my!).  We had thought we would have to make a decision about where Seth would go to school in Mobile; but as the school year has continued, the decision became even bigger.  Should we move closer to my father and sister?  They live three hours away in Mississippi. Truthfully, my father (and my sister) need us to be closer.  My dad fell in February - he is now at a swing bed/rehab center for the fourth time in the last four years.  (On a funny note, one of the nurses said my dad was her favorite "repeat offender"!)  My sister works full time as a pediatric oncology nurse manager.  She has the added task of accompanying Daddy to all doctor appointments (he has a lot!), helping clean his house, cooking for him, running errands, etc.  This is daunting at times when coupled with already stressful job!  

After a lot of thought, prayer, and talking with my family and closest friends, Jon and I have decided that the time has come for us to make a major life change.  I will retire and we will move to Mississippi.  We are all excited and scared at the same time about our new adventure. We are about to undergo big changes for our family:  new job for Jon, a new home for our family, and a new school for Seth where he doesn't know anyone (and they don't know us - scary for me since I have always worked in the district where he goes to school).  We are leaving behind dear friends we have grown to love.  BUT, I know we are making the right decision.  When it comes down to it, family is everything.  I am excited about living in the same town as my daddy and my sister and her family.  (As my niece pointed out, I have not lived there in eighteen years - she said, "Sissy, I am ready for you to come home!")

Please pray for our family as we make all this happen between now and July.  Again, I am super excited, but it does feel a little strange.  I have been a teacher, principal and curriculum director for the last twenty-nine years.  What will I BE now?  Consultant? Baseball mom? Spend time decorating and/or renovating our new home?  Will I discover a new talent? Will I be able to blog more?  The possibilities are endless?  Life is good!!!  

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  1. How exciting for you! We were hoping to get you in our South Alabama blogger's group, but hey . . . you can always visit! Change is always unsettling for a while, but you will be so happy with your family close by. 6th grade is the perfect time to start fresh and your son will be the cool new guy that everyone wants to know. Keep us posted and good luck!

  2. Lisa, two years ago we did the same thing. I hadn't taught long enough to ever retire because I stayed home with our kids when they were little. Our parents were needing help on both sides so in March of 2012 we decided to move from Oklahoma back to Texas - which is our home state. It was hard at first but it feels so good to be close to the people we love. Keep us posted!!

  3. Good luck with your move, and retirement! I retired after 33 years of teaching. I loved my job, but it was time to move on. I wonder now how I ever did all I did while working. I never got to go on one field trip with my own child, I regret the time I had to work while he was growing up.
    I hope everything works out for you, and your son! It is only fair you are near to help with your dad. We had the same situation with my mom, one sister lived out of state, so it fell on 2 of us who had families and worked. You will have less guilt that you are able to help.
    All the best!

  4. I found your blog a couple of months ago, and I must say I fell in love with it. It is nice to read about a fellow educator's life that doesn't involve school. We can do know...only talk about school. There is another life out there, and it is motivational to hear about the other life when school kind of feels like it is consuming you.
    I am retiring this year after 31 years. I have taught straight through, and it is a bit scary to think about just what my role will be:), but exciting as well. Perfect timing though as my mother fell last May and broke her hip. She made a miraculous recovery, but we discovered my step dad had cancer. He is his last few weeks. And to add to all of that for a last year of the career, my daughter got married in February. My life has been a series of ups and downs this year. I will need a few months just to recover.
    Keep blogging and let us know how the move turns out.


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