Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Vintage Pyrex

My Pyrex collection is growing!  It all started with two vintage Pyrex bowls.  One day my sister and I were browsing through a local consignment store when I saw two Pyrex bowls in the "last chance" section.  I immediately snapped them up.  I bought both of them for only nine dollars.  Since then I have found other pieces from antique shops and the same little consignment store.  I love finding vintage pieces!  They are so "retro" and cool - I can't imagine why anyone would sell them!  There is something about slipping on an apron and whipping up something yummy in a vintage mixing bowl.  It is so satisfying!

These are the two bowls that began my collection of Pyrex.
These bowls are Autumn Harvest. 

Aren't these blue pieces pretty?  I believe the pattern is Snowflake.  
They are a great size too! Perfect for a casserole for a small family like ours. 

I have two of the large pink gooseberry mixing bowls.  
I knew I already had one just like it, but I couldn't pass it up!  The casserole dish is Pink Daisy. Aren't they cheerful? 

These make me happy! I promise I feel a bit like Betty Crocker when I use them! 

If you like vintage Pyrex, check out this blog! Awesome! What an amazing collection!

Do you like vintage Pyrex?  If so, where do you typically buy it? Ebay?  Antique stores?  I want to keep growing my collection.  I am having a little Pyrex envy when I look at the picture above!  I think I need to go shopping... now.  :-)

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  1. I love old kitchen items and Pyrex brings back great memories of kitchens-gone-by! I once wrote a blog post on a lady here in Fairhope who collects Pyrex and she has a huge collection! She's also an antiques dealer, so searching for new pieces is easier for her. Keep going, you'll catch her soon!

    1. I will have to go and look at your post on her :-) I am sure I would love her collection!!

  2. We share many of the same pieces. I am always on the lookout for more of the pink! I picked up a brown gold Early American divided casserole in Pennsylvania a few summers ago. Love using it in the fall. Your collections is growing!

  3. You have a great collection! I think we have one bowl now. When we first married my husband had several that he had gotten from his mom. I guess they have broken over the years. I do love the colors of them and they are so easy to use.

  4. You do have a nice collection of those pyrex dishes. I don't have any of those. I see them at antique stores a good bit though. It's nice that you actually use yours and they're not just for display.

  5. Love your collection of pyrex. Such a great color. Love your Easter Tree adorable.

  6. Hi Lisa, I love your Pyrex collection. I have some of the same pieces. I'm popping over from Junk Chic Cottage. Congratulations on your feature. I'm glad to have found you. I'm Katie @ Let's Add Sprinkles. I've been a teacher forever! Now I'll have a look around your site.


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