Friday, November 5, 2010

Why Buttercup Bliss?

Deciding on a name for a blog is much harder than I anticipated.  I thought, pick a cute name, and voila!  ready to blog!  WRONG!  It turns out I am not as creative and original as I had previously thought…. Every time I thought of what I considered the perfect name, it was already taken!  Seriously it got to be a family joke!  What will Lisa’s blog name be?
I wanted something to do with the following: being Southern, creating a happy, welcoming home, the joys of being a mom, life’s simple pleasures…. You get the picture, right?  Well let me tell you, there are so many people out there in “blogland” thinking the exact same thing!  Amazing!!!! 
I began to lose sleep over this (sad, I know).  I would find myself laying awake at night trying to think of the perfect name for my new adventure.  I began with a word document listing ideas of names.  Next, I kept a list on my Blackberry.  Each time I would add a new possible name I would get excited.  And then inevitably someone else would have already chosen my best idea. 
Finally (after tentatively picking three names that, while available, were not quite right),  I thought perhaps I was being too serious about this – I mean it is just a name of a blog.  I began to think of not only ideas that would let someone know what the blog might be about, but of ideas that meant something to me… something I love.  Well, even that was hard! I mean seriously, I thought Pearls and Paisley was absolutely perfect, but , you guessed it, already taken!  I thought of my favorite flowers…. Blue Hydrangea (already taken) and I couldn’t think of anything good to go with Gerber Daisy! 
After all this, I spent the day in Fairhope, Alabama with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  We had a great time browsing through specialty boutiques and antique shops.  I found two perfectly beautiful old silver teaspoons that were engraved!  I had to have them!  I love silver!  My mom had started my set of Gorham Buttercup shortly after I got married.  While I don’t have eight complete place settings yet, I am on my way.  I recently started to add to the collection by collecting old teaspoons of any pattern.  I really get excited when they are engraved!  How wonderful to think of who owned these beautiful pieces before me!  And then it hit me – Buttercup Bliss after my silver!!  So now you know the story of my blog!  It took a long time to figure it out, but the name is not as random as one might think!  



Thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss! Your messages mean so much to me! Lisa