Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

It has been a while since I last posted.  Things have been SO busy - baseball season has started and that means practice three nights a week!  Working full time and commuting each day (50 minutes each way) , along with being a wife and mother keeps me busy.  :-) Add in baseball or soccer and things really get hopping!  Needless to say, we have been having lots of fast food dinners! 

We are blessed to have a short week this week because it is Mardi Gras!  This is huge where we live along the Gulf Coast in Alabama.  Mardi Gras celebrations are held for many weeks prior to Fat Tuesday!  Jon and I were not really "into" Mardi Gras before we moved to the Coast; however, once you move here you just naturally seem to start incorporating Mardi Gras into your family traditions.  King Cake, parades, and balls are all a part of Mardi Gras!  Now, I am not a fan of huge crowds so we don't go to the downtown area for the parades, but we do LOVE King Cake and Jon and I have gone to a ball the past several years.  I love to dress up, and let's face it, I don't often get a chance to put on a long dress, nor does Jon wear a tux that often!  So that is a real treat!  We have also been to the Biker Ball.  Obviously, the dress is extremely casual, but it so much fun!  We also rode in a motorcycle parade one year.  Being in the parade was a blast!!! 

Seth is out of school and I am off work on Monday and Tuesday.  Jon is off as well so we have been enjoying family time.  Jon helped me complete a project today!  I will post on that tomorrow!  It is so nice to have a husband who takes time to help me when I come up with an idea of something I want to try - we both tackled glazing today! 

So, until tomorrow, Happy Mardi Gras!  Let the good times roll!!! 

Watching the "Call Outs" at the ball! 
Introducing The Mystics!
Mardi Gras wreaths on our front doors - I didn't make them,
but I got a great deal on them!!

Let the good times roll!!!


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