Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vintage Copper in the Kitchen

When we moved in our new house in July, I was so excited about the kitchen.  It was totally different than any kitchen I had ever had in the past.  I loved the rustic look of the cabinets and many other special elements, one being the light fixture/pot hanger.  I must admit though that I am not a fan of hanging every day pots and pans above my head.  To me, everyday cooking would be a inconvenience if the pots were on display.  I much prefer my pots and pans in a cabinet.  I did, however, want to utilize the pot hanger in some way, at some point.  Then one day a few months ago, I received my new issue of Delta magazine.  The most beautiful kitchen was featured in this month's edition. It seemed to be my kitchen on steroids..... it is amazing!!! Much more glamorous and worthy of a magazine spread than my much more "homey" kitchen, but you can still see similarities (one being the beautiful cypress cabinets). I noticed immediately the pots in the pictures and I knew that I wanted to start a collection of copper pieces for my kitchen.  I thought they would be the perfect finishing touch for my kitchen. 

Inspiration picture from Delta magazine

A few weeks ago, my friends Lynda and Diane and I went antique shopping.  Lucky for me, we found a booth in a local shop that had lots of wonderful, old copper pieces.  Lynda and I both bought a few pieces.  I was so excited about them!!!  Unfortunately for me, the pieces that I bought were too long for the pot rack.  The good news though is that my husband and I went back the next day and exchanged them for smaller pieces.  I was off to a great start!  The next week Jon and Seth and I were out running errands and Jon suggested we stop by the antique store again.  Woo Hoo!!  We found two more pieces that were perfect.  Now my pot rack is filled!  I love the finished product!!!  What do you think? 

The afternoon sun made taking pictures a little difficult.  

I really love these pieces - they are so old and really have character!  

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  1. When I was first married copper pots, or copper bottom pots were all the rage, especially hanging from racks. I'm glad to see they are coming back, although I don't have any anymore!


  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the way you incorporated copper into the pot rack. I've always liked the look of a pot rack...it makes the kitchen look home-y and you look like a good cook!!

  3. Love your pot hanger light fixture, and love your new old copper!

  4. Please share where you found the pot hanger/light fixture. It's beautiful!

  5. Lisa, I love the copper pots on your rack. I did the exact same thing! My everyday pots are tucked away in the cabinets. Your kitchen looks so pretty!

  6. Your copper pots are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower.
    Mary Alice

  7. I like your copper objects hanging from the pot rack. They really look attractive. I have pots and pans that I use daily hanging off my pot rack, but it is mixed with some decorative pieces as well and my cookware matches my kitchen, so it doesn't look sloppy. It helps me get to the pans much quicker and opens up cabinet space for other objects that way. I think pot racks are so versatile these days. They can be used for whatever you want!

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love your copper pots.... they are so beautiful!!!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you will follow me back :o)

  9. You have a beautiful kitchen! Love the pot rack. I had one in our last house hanging above the island and believe me it doesn't take long to get a collection of pots together. Since moving I have bought a rooster pot rack so I will be ready to put my copper out again in my kitchen as soon as we find our next house.

  10. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Mardi Gras tablescape.
    Your home is lovely. I love the copper pieces that you have added to the kitchen. I've seen several new pieces at T J Maxx, but they were way toooo expensive. Your purchases are perfect!

  11. Looks awesome! I love the pitcher and the rack is something I need, but then it would require dusting.

    Great job, Lisa!

  12. Your hanger light fixture is great, I love it. The vinatge copper is beautiful! Have a nice weekend.

  13. Just double checking to make sure word verification is turned off ;-)

  14. Lisa, you are right, the pots do add character. Love your kitchen. Hope you will join the Linky Follower, so that those of us following you can follow you on it when Google Friend Connect goes away at the end of February...2 days away. Thanks, Helen

  15. I love your copper collection. You have some nice pieces. Great pot rack, too.


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