Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Happy Boy!

Did I mention we also love Peyton and Eli??? 
Wow!  Things have been so busy lately.... I look up and two weeks have gone by and no post!  I truly want to blog each day, but a full time job, a daily commute and just the day to day things that go along with being a wife and mom keep me pretty busy!  I do have several posts lined up for the next several days, but today I want to share with you a picture of Seth.  He is a happy boy today because yesterday he participated in the spring baseball draft!  He is always excited, well, actually BEYOND excited when baseball season starts, but since he was diagnosed with mono three weeks ago, he hasn't been able to play much and that has been difficult for him!  He knows that he is that much closer to being able to play again!  The doctor said no sports for a month so let's pray we hang in there!

Also, this week, my friend and co-worker attended an event at one of our local universities where his son is playing baseball this year.  He was able to get Seth a personalized signed picture of David Freese, who plays with the St. Louis Cardinals! Actually he was very instrumental in helping the Cardinals win the World Series this year!  He played his college years at University of South Alabama - pretty cool, huh?? Seth was so pumped!!  I can't think of anything that would have made him more excited... well, except for seeing the Red Sox play or actually meeting Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, or Kevin Youkilis!  I have to tell you that it still cracks me up that I now know the names of the Boston Red Sox!!!  What we "girly girls" will do for our boys!!!

When he is not playing baseball, or quizzing me about the names of the Red Sox, he is drawing baseball players!!  LOL  
Anyway, I will be back tomorrow to share with you about our new copper pieces for the kitchen and reminisce about my best Valentine's Day ever.  Hope to see you soon!



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