Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Girls Day Plus One!

Lisa, Diane and Lynda

This past Saturday Seth and I had the best day!  My dear friends Lynda and Diane and I had a girls’ day….. well, we had a girls’ day that included Seth!  Jon works every Saturday so any plans I have for Saturday always include my little guy. We don’t have a babysitter even though everyone says I need to find a teenager so Jon and I can have date nights, and I can have the occasional day with my friends.  I am just used to taking Seth with me though, so off we went on our girls’ day of lunch and antiquing!  Lucky for me, both Diane and Lynda have two boys each so they are used to having rough and tumble boys around!  Alas, their boys are much older though, so they didn’t want to tag along with us for the day!

We started out by having lunch at Big Time Diner, a local Mobile favorite!   It is so yummy!  We did not count calories at lunch and we sat at the counter/bar so everyone was happy!!!  We were glad to indulge ourselves with onion rings, mac and cheese and other delicious goodies, while Seth was happy that he could sit at the old fashioned counter and see all the action!  He was also pleased with his chocolate sundae!

We then hit our favorite antique stores and consignment shops.  We even stumbled upon a few new places that turned out to be filled with goodies.  We all found things we couldn’t live without!  Diane found a set of 12 Ruby glasses that were just gorgeous!  Lynda found a wonderful old scale, and a huge blue plate just perfect for the spot above her great room bookcases.  Diane stumbled upon a German “thermometer house” that was similar to one she remembered from her childhood.  Seth thought it was just too cool!!!

What a great booth! 

Lynda and I both fell in love with a display of old copper pots and bowls.  Lynda opted for some larger pieces that she can display on top of her kitchen cabinets.  I was thrilled to find several smaller pans and two other pieces that look perfect hanging from the pot rack above my kitchen island.  I had been wanting to purchase some since we moved into our new home in July.   I knew it would be the perfect thing for our kitchen!  (Hmmm…. I should probably confess that the three that I bought Saturday with the girls did not work because they were too long!  Obviously, I have issues with measurement!  Jon was not wild about eating with a pot in his face!! LOL! I tried!  We took another trip to the antique store on Sunday afternoon and the sweet ladies were kind enough to let me try again and get several that would work perfectly in our kitchen!)

I love old silver! (Please ignore the fact that I am in the picture.)

Just before we left our last store I found a set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls – the blue Amish pattern, but I thought $48 was a little high.  I do plan on watching them though because they are having a store-wide sale the week between Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras.  Maybe they will be mine after all.  Besides, sometimes the hunt and the wait for the perfect item is the most fun of all!! There were so many gorgeous items that I fell in love with day, many that were just calling my name!! It is a challenge to frugal sometimes, isn’t it???
So pretty! 

Even Seth found a treat - a vintage umpire's mask!!  

We are already looking forward to our next outing!  We hope to go to Daphne and Fairhope, AL. Please come back tomorrow when I will be sharing “Copper in the Kitchen”. 


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