Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tiny Yet Perfect - A "New" Vintage Desk

When we moved into our new home last year, I sold the desk that I had used in the office of our previous home.  It wouldn't work any longer - and to be honest, I wasn't really in love with it anyway!  So I stored our important paperwork and bills in baskets in our master closet until I could find a desk that was just right.  

One day while browsing in one of my favorite antique stores in Daphne, AL I spotted what would be the perfect little desk.  (I had been looking for a desk for a while, but I knew it needed to be quite small diminutive due to a lack of space.  In our new home we do not have a dedicated room to serve as an office.)  Anyway, when I saw a sewing machine cabinet I knew it would be perfect if I took it home and painted it.  I thought I would use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because apparently I am the only blogger out there who has not used this paint.  (Really!  I think I am!) Unfortunately, I did not buy the cabinet that day.  When I went back to see if the small cabinet was still there, it was gone.  I was so disappointed!  As Jon and I wandered around the store I spotted this little beauty in one of the other booths.  I am convinced  it is the same sewing machine cabinet that had been painted and distressed and was now for sale in a booth close by. Obviously I had had a great idea, huh??  I was sad that I would not be able to have both the desk and the "project", but my husband said, "Get this one - it will save you from having to do the work!"  But I really wanted to do the work, AND since the piece had already been "redone", the price had more than doubled.  So.... I walked away even though it was perfect.  Mainly because I knew I could save money if I found a desk or small table to redo myself.   I  was determined to keep looking.  Imagine my happiness when less than a week later Jon surprised me with the desk for Valentine's Day!!! And he found the perfect little chair to make it complete!   What a wonderful present!! It is so charming in its new home don't you think???

This is not a huge desk to do major office work or bill 
paying - it is just the perfect little spot for blogging though.  

I love the distressed finish.  A vintage embroidered pillow case
 is the perfect "desk pad" for the computer. 

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  1. I love the little desk and believe it or not Lisa - I have not yet tried ASCP either!

  2. Love your little desk! But you HAVE to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on something else! It's SOOO quick and easy!

  3. I haven't used ASCP either, but want to try it on my next project. Love the desk. It looks like a perfect spot to blog!

  4. Very charming, Lisa! What a sweet hubby for getting it for you!!

  5. It looks wonderful in your room. Love the pillow case desk pad too!

  6. Yes, it is a perfect spot for blogging. So pretty. Love the desk, and the pad. Thanks for visiting me, and for the nice compliment.

  7. I think it's absolutely perfect - love that it's small!
    Your newest follower-would love to have you visit and follow back

  8. I ♥ it! You did an amazing job and it fits perfectly right where you have it sitting!!! Hopped over Feathered Next Friday and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit and follow me back. Blessings ~ Judy http://www.vintagestreetdesigns.com

  9. What a beautiful desk! I looooove the distressing! And don't feel bad--I haven't used Annie Sloan paint either! New follower!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star


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