Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Decorating with Collections

Today I was thinking about using things that I collect to decorate my house.  I love collecting things!  I have since I was young.  My first "collection" started when I was in elementary school when I began collecting turtles.  Why turtles you might ask? Hmm... I don't know.  Actually, I do know.  My friend, Karen, collected frogs, and I wanted to collect something so I chose turtles!  In hindsight, this makes no sense because I am terrified of any animal that belongs in the amphibian/reptile group!  So, while I think huge turtles that you see at the zoo are really neat, I would never actually TOUCH one!  Nonetheless, I collected turtles when I was young - then I moved on to collecting things that I actually liked!  Gee... collecting is so much more fun when you really love what you are collecting - Amazing!!  I went through a phase where I collected teddy bears, Gail Pittman Pottery (before it was mass produced), heavy vintage dishes (my sister called them an "early truckstop" pattern), and Longaberger baskets. 

Don't you love these "truckstop" dishes?

I currently collect McCarty Pottery.  You may see my post about McCarty here.  Another collection that is dear to my heart is my Radko Christmas (and Easter) ornaments.  I get so excited when I see them each year as our family decorates our Christmas tree.  Another of my favorite things to collect is alphabet books.  This may seem a little odd, but once a teacher, always a teacher!  I began buying Seth alphabet books when he was a toddler.  Between the two of us we have quite a collection,although I only display them in my office at work.  I also have a small collection of vintage copper pots, aprons, vintage pyrex dishes, and old silver pieces.  My favorite finds are vintage silver teaspoons.  I am so tickled when I find those with a special engraved monogram.  I notice I seem to have a "thing" for all things vintage.  Possible because as my dear friend Lynda says, "we are becoming vintage ourselves!"  So true! 
Here are some of my Longaberger baskets and a few McCarty bunnies too

I recently started a collection of white ironstone pieces.  I love milk pitchers and soup tureens.  I find myself looking in antique stores and on eBay for ones that are really pretty, but still affordable.  Thus far, I only have a teapot with a cream and sugar.  I really enjoy looking around for the perfect piece! I am looking forward to growing my collection.  My sister gave me two pieces of Etta B Pottery for my birthday last week.  I was thrilled!  Anita already collected Etta B, which is another Mississippi pottery.  It is very simple and pretty!  The Christmas pieces are so precious too!  I am thrilled that she started a new collection for me - Jon is probably not so sure!! :-)

An Etta B plate and tiny bowl.  
I can't decide where they will be displayed yet, 
but that is part of the fun of  collecting

What are your favorite items to collect?  I would love to hear about any special treasures you display in your home.  


  1. Wow, Lisa, you have quite the collection of! I love to collect crosses...wrought iron and bejeweled. They are the signature pieces in our home.


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