Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Back to School!

This past Wednesday I officially began my 28th year in education.  I have mixed feelings about this milestone!  Part of me is thinking "woo hoo!!", I am closer to retirement!! The other part of me is thinking "Holy cow", I am getting old!!!"  Yes, definitely mixed emotions!  I mentioned that on FB the other day and I had lots of comments ranging from, "Gee, you're old as dirt!" (love my cousin!!!), "Are you are still working?" and my personal favorites: comments from precious children that I taught over the years who are all grown up and are now parents and/or teachers themselves.  Honestly, it just made my day to hear from my former students!  Because I was single for so many years, I truly felt like these children were sorta/kinda "mine".  I cried every year on the last day of school.  
Our Christmas program - This was probably my 5th year to teach.  Aren't they precious?

Field trip to the zoo in Jackson, MS during my second year of teaching.  Spring, 1987.  

I am so excited though, because I have always loved school!!  I never wanted to be anything other than a teacher - I know I played school for years and years!!!  I get so excited when I see stores begin to display all the "back to school items".  Crayons, markers, lunch boxes, and back packs just beckon me to come and purchase them.  Do you remember when back packs were known as "book satchels" and lunch boxes were metal?  I do!  My first lunch box featured Dr. Doolittle.  I got so excited when I got a new lunch box each year. My mom said for years after Anita and I were grown she felt like she had to stop and look at the lunch box displays when they appeared in July. LOL!  I have two of mine on display in my office now.  They are both Betsy Clark designs.  One even has the thermos!  I love it!  I remember when I was in second grade and my daddy took Anita and me back to school shopping.  My book satchel was bright orange vinyl and the lunch box he chose was red plaid.  I remember being so upset because it wasn't cute!  Now I would give anything to have a vintage red plaid lunch box!  

As a young teacher I spent days and days getting my room just perfect each year.  I have to say that my room was always a really cute, cheerful space!  Another beginning of school tradition for me was getting the perfect "first day of school" outfit.  Often my mother would make a spiffy new dress for me to wear to our "back to school" orientation session.  I have continued that tradition today by purchasing a new dress to wear on the first day our teachers return to school.  I know it is a little corny, but I do like the idea of a fresh start in a new dress!! 

Vintage Betsy Clark - so sweet! 

Do you get excited in August (or if you live in other parts of the country, the Tuesday after Labor Day) when school starts?  Does the thought of a brand new school year signal a new beginning for you? What is your favorite back to school tradition? Does shopping for new school shoes make you oh so happy? Does the smell of a Sharpie marker make you smile?

This was taken a week or so ago at the beginning of my 28th year.  
Boy am I glad the days of 80's hair are long gone!!! 

Sorry for such a short post - I have to run pack my book satchel and plan my lunch for tomorrow! 



  1. I also get excited each time the beginning of school rolls around. I loved school supplies and still do! I remember the first time my parents bought me the big 64 count Crayola crayons with the built in sharpener. I was so excited to bring my coveted crayons school. By the way, love the ankle socks and white sneakers! I would always get mine stepped on by a student in the hall. Thanks for the memories!

  2. I am starting my third year of retirement after 28 years of teaching. I still stop in the school supplies aisle and take a deep breath. There's just something about new pencils and paper and glue and.... I hope you have a great year.

  3. Lisa,
    This is the beginning of my 34th year..... I was a second grade teacher for years and years after hopping from grade to grade for a while. I've been a facilitator since 2002 but I still work in an elementary school with kids who are having academic or behavioral issues. My favorite school memory is my father singing "School Days, School Days, Good Ole Golden Rule Days" to wake us up on the first day of school every year.

    Have a GREAT year!!!!

    P.S. I think I have that exact same dress you're wearing!

  4. Love the pictures Lisa! They brought back memories of me getting my two little girls off to their first day of school and yes, with Lynda's coveted box of super crayons, which she adored! Also it reminded me of my 25 years as an 8th grade teacher preparing my room and lesson plans for my students. I truly enjoyed teaching. I enjoy your blog.


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