Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas in the Kitchen

This week has been so much fun! I am loving the blogger block party! Today is the Christmas in the Kitchen party. I almost didn't write a post about our kitchen. It is small and it is the heart of our home - lots of action here each day! But because of that, it was decorated very simply for Christmas. I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers and she mentioned that she kept things simple in her kitchen because it is the hub of their home. She went on to say that her family does everything in the kitchen so she needed to keep it functional. That is so true at our home too! Seth does his homework here, our little family eats at the bar each night, I blog here.... you get the picture! So, I decided to take a cue from this very talented blogger and show my kitchen as it really is at Christmas. It is not over the top, because there is so much going on here and it is a cozy galley kitchen. I didn't want it to be overwhelming or have to move things around while I am packing lunches or cooking dinner. Part of blogging though it showing how things really are so.... here it is :-) Sweet and simple, but it is home!

My "dressy" Christmas dishes are Gail Pittman's "Hollylulah". I didn't use it for my Christmas table, but I did use a few pieces in the kitchen.

During the year this is filled with spatulas and other cooking utensils, but for the Christmas season I added fresh holly and other greenery.

I love this metal cross that I bought this year at the cutest little florist shop. It is made in Mississippi so of course that made it even more special.

I have had this platter for several years. You can tell by now that I really like traditional red and green for Christmas.

I enjoy pulling out my Southern Living Christmas books each year.

(Hmm... looks like my fruit basket is running a little low. I should probably be at the grocery right now. :-)

Aren't Command Strips just the greatest invention??? So useful during the holidays!

Just for fun - I got these at Hallmark recently.

As always, thanks for visiting Buttercup Bliss. I hope you enjoyed our very simple Christmas Kitchen.

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  1. Love all your accents in your kitchen, especially the tea towels on your stove handle!


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