Monday, December 5, 2011

A Warm Christmas Welcome

I was so excited the other night because I made new wreaths for our front doors. I had mesh wreaths the last two years and, sadly, they didn't survive our move this summer. I tried to "fluff" them but to no avail. I had looked at several places that had gorgeous wreaths for sale, but I was trying to be thrifty AND I knew I could make some myself. Being creative and frugal in the same project.... what could be better? I will tell you that I chickened out and didn't attempt to make mesh ones. Partly because I wasn't sure I knew exactly how to begin and also it seems everyone is out of mesh! Instead I went for cheerful and festive traditional wreaths. I really like all the trendy colors but when it comes right down to it I prefer red and green for Christmas! (However, if I could have two sets of wreaths I would love to have the lime green, pink and silver ones that my friend Lynda made the other day. They are adorable!!)

I went to Michael's and filled a buggy with wreaths, ornaments, picks, stems, and ribbons!! With Lynda along, it didn't take long to decide what I wanted - if I had been alone, I would have been there for hours!
I took everything home and piled it in the middle of the floor and just jumped in! :-) My husband said "I think you may have to much". I just smiled and kept working! If I bought it, it went in the wreath! I am not much of a bow maker, but Lynda helped out in that department. Boy, am I lucky to have her as a friend!

Hmm..... can I turn this pile of stuff into something that can go on our front door without the neighbors thinking I am goofy??

Another close-up.

My favorite part is this happy little lime green glittery bird! Precious!!

Here is the finished product! I love them! I also love the price!
Most of the wreaths I looked at cost a minimum of $55 each.
Since I have double doors, the cost would have easily escalated.
These cost a fraction of the price!!! So happy!!!

Our home is small and cozy, but I think it is very welcoming :-)

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  1. Lisa, these are great! I love the vivid colors! These should make you smile every time you see them...just thinking of what you saved by doing them yourself! Very pretty

  2. Great job! I am a floral designer so I know what I am talking about;):) What state are you in? I hope a warm climate, it looks like it! SO pretty! XO, Pinky

  3. Wow! Your wreath is absolutely beautiful! I just came across your blog and I am your newest follower! xo

  4. Thank you for your visit and nice comments on my gingerbread house tablescape! Your wreaths are just beautiful and look great on your doors! Have a great night, Kristen

  5. I love your new handmade wreaths!! I would've thought you bought those at a store. they really look professional. I don't blame you for making them yourself. I made mine myself this year too. That way I'm sure it will match my decor and it definitely saves money! Love your double front doors!

  6. I love your double doors on your house, and they are especially beautiful adorned with your new, colorful wreaths.

  7. Your wreaths came out great, they really enhance your door! Laura

  8. Following from Beneath My Heart-stop by for a visit!


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