Friday, December 23, 2011

Cooper, The Elf, writes the first ever guest post on Buttercup Bliss!

Welcome to Buttercup Bliss!!  My name is Cooper and I am so excited that Lisa asked me to be the first person to "guest post" on Buttercup Bliss!!  My little elf heart is beating rapidly with excitement!  You can understand that this is pretty big for an elf who lives most of the year at the North Pole!  So... you are wondering how this came about?  Well you see, I came to live with my new family the first week of December. They had never had an elf in their family before and boy was Seth excited when he saw me perched on their mantel that first night.  He was thrilled and jumped around like crazy for a little while!!!  Let me tell you I have had some fun with them and they have treated me just like family (which, of course, I am!).  Seth gave me special treats that made my tiny tummy so happy!!! They have all had so much fun looking for me each morning.  Seth and his mommy are the ones who usually find me first.  I have hidden all over the house.... in the stockings, in the wreaths, in the tree, and hanging from the chandelier (that kind of scared me, because I didn't realize I was afraid of heights). One night I was trying to get a snack and I fell in the holiday tin that holds all the Christmas candy!  They laughed and laughed when they found me holding a Hershey bar!  The next night, they found me in the bathroom - I was trying to brush my teeth. :-)

It was a little chilly in here!!!  

Anyhoo... back to the story.  As I have gotten to know my family, I heard lots about Lisa's blog. (I did have to ask Jon about what exactly is a blog, but he explained it really well.)  He said it is Lisa's hobby.  She loves to share about her family and her home and all sorts of other things.  She is having such a good time and is so happy when people leave comments or follow her blog.  One night I heard her mention that she had never had anyone write a guest post on her blog.  Let me tell you, I was paying attention to her and all of a sudden, my little hand just leaped up and I said "I can do that for you, please, please, please".  Now first of all I have to tell you  that Seth was asleep when I did this, because all elves know that if kids heard them talk it would spoil the Christmas magic.  Seth was safely in his bed when I begged Lisa to let me write a post.  Imagine my delight when she said yes.  I mean, what an honor!!!  So here it is:

What Christmas means to me by Cooper:

Christmas is not just about presents, although as an elf, one of Santa's chief helpers, I know people love getting gifts.  But it is so much more than getting presents.  It is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
I wish you could hear Seth each day as he practices the Christmas story from Luke 2.  He is memorizing it as a special surprise for his Papa. I told Santa all about it and that made Santa smile! I know Papa is going to be so proud of Seth too! 

I love the special smells of Christmas!  Lisa has been busy cooking special cookies and other goodies. It is a good thing I am here now though, because apparently after Christmas, Lisa and Jon are both going on diets!!  

The lights on the Christmas tree and all of the pretty decorations make me happy!!! My new family is so happy in their cozy little house!  The tree is filled with special ornaments that make everyone happy and bring back good memories!  

Right now I am happily sitting on top of the Snow Village watching my family enjoy a wonderful Friday night together.  Clarabel is snuggling in the big chair with her favorite person in the world, her "daddy", Jon.  Seth, Lisa, and Bentley are all sitting together on the sofa enjoying a Christmas show on television.  I've heard them talk about making hot chocolate.  Goody!  More yummy treats!!!

Tomorrow evening I will go back to the North Pole, but I will be back next year to live with my family. (Maybe next year it won't be so warm in south Alabama!  Whew!  Can you say humidity?? I had never heard that word before, but, it must do something to Lisa's hair!)  I will miss Jon, Lisa and Seth and their furry babies, Bentley and Clarabel.  (I have always heard that only children are spoiled, but I will tell you honestly that Seth is a good boy with a super big heart!  His mommy and daddy are so blessed!)  I am sure that Santa is going to bring him some special presents picked out just for him!   

Before I end, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!  My you feel the joy of the season in your hearts!!!

Cooper (Santa's sweetest little elf!) 

Oops!  I was checking out Lisa's coffee station!  
It is hard to get out of a creamer :-)
I had fun looking at all the presents!!  

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  1. Makes me wish we'd had an elf at our house when the kids were small! Tell Cooper he did a great job as your first ever "guest poster".


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