Sunday, December 18, 2011

Made with Love!

It is that time of year when we are scurrying around trying to find just the perfect gift for our friends and family! I know we all spend countless hours (and money) searching for the present that will bring a smile to the faces of our loved ones. To be honest, though, to me, the best, most perfect presents are those that are homemade - gifts made with love! Nothing makes me happier than when I receive a gift that someone has made themselves. The fact that someone took the time to cook or sew or paint or create something in a unique way, is so special to me!!!

This year I have been the happy recipient of oranges grown by one of our sweet teachers. She is very creative so, of course, the way she wrapped them was just darling!! They are delicious too! One of my friends made German spritz cookies - yummy! They looked so cute in a Christmas tin! Still another friend left a precious container on my desk that was filled with the most delectable goodies. She is an awesome cook! The tiny Ritz Bits dipped in white chocolate and covered in tiny sprinkles were gone in a heart beat!! She also included fudge, homemade cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels. Still another friend made homemade Wedding Cookies. It was probably one of the best cookies I have ever eaten!! I may make them soon and share here recipe. They were so light and delicate and, oh so sweet!

Hmmm... I should have taken a picture before I ate most of the goodies!!!

Last year my friend, Lynda, painted me a special, whimsical Christmas picture. It is proudly displayed in my den this year! My friend, Diane, gives many of her friends an original pen and ink Christmas drawing that she has made into a card each year. We all look forward to seeing what she has created as each Christmas
season rolls around!

So cute and whimsical and made just for me!

At one of our work related meeting/brunch/gift exchanges this past week, one of the teachers gave the most adorable t-shirt scarf that she made. I regret that I didn't get a picture! It was so cute! She said she found the idea on Pinterest. I can not wait till I can make one too!

Of course, the most precious homemade gifts I receive each year are those made by Seth! I treasure each item that he makes at school. How wonderful that the teachers take the time to help their students make their parents a one-of-a kind present! These gifts will bring joy each and every Christmas!!

Made with love, from Seth this year!

What a special treasure!

So much time, effort, and LOVE went into these wonderful gifts! That, to me, is what Christmas is all about - not stressing out over finding the ideal gift in a store.

What do you like to make as special "happies" for your friends? I gave Christmas treat bags filled with Firecrackers - hot and spicy (and salty, too!) crackers. (I forgot to take a picture - and the treat bags were SO cute!) They are simple and easy to make. One of my friends said "you didn't tell me that they were addictive!" I have also made homemade pies, batches of fudge, and other goodies.

I would love to hear your ideas for homemade gifts.... Do you paint, cross-stitch, knit, or cook? Please share your ideas! I know you will inspire me with your creativity!!

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  1. Of course, I am partial to the whimsical Christmas painting! Love the post, especially all the items made by your sweet son!

  2. Lisa, what a wonderful read! You are so right, it's not the price behind the gift,but the thought, love, and effort! Thank you for the reminder!! ---karen


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