Monday, December 5, 2011

A Tale of Two Mantels

Today's post is a tale of two mantels. You see, I wanted to participate in today's edition of the Blogger Christmas Block Party - The Mantel Party that is going on at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Here's the deal though: My mantel is topped with a "humongo jumbo" TV. This hardly leads to an amazing mantel decoration! But what can I say? It's really the only place in our great room for the TV to reside. Most of the year it doesn't bother me, but at Christmas, I really would like a stunning mantel. (With our fireplace in our new home, I can't even "hang the stockings by the chimney with care" because we actually use the fireplace and I am very cautious. Anyway..... back to the story. How do you participate in the mantel party without a beautiful mantel to share? Why you ask one of your dearest friends if you can share her mantel, that's what!!

My friend, Lynda, who is like a sister to me, agreed to let me show you her gorgeous mantel. It is so pretty all year round! The coolest part is that her son, Blake, who is now 24 and literally a "rocket scientist" designed the mantel when they built their new home 7 years ago. They wanted a reclaimed mantel from an old home, but it wouldn't work in the new build. Blake decided to sketch out the mantel that his mom was yearning for in their new home. They took the design to the cabinet builder and the rest is history! I hope you enjoy the pictures of this wonderful mantel all decked out for Christmas!

This is my mantel.... I love my home, but this is hardly a
mantel worth blogging about in a post that is suppose to show
off our gorgeously decorated mantels. LOL

I love Lynda's collection of Nutcrackers. They have been collecting them for many years.
All have been marked on the bottom with their son's names
and the year they were added to the collection.

So pretty!

The double mantel is so amazing!

Lynda made all of their stockings!

Thank you to Lynda for letting me share a part of their beautiful home!

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  1. Lynda's mantel is just beautiful (your's is nice too), and that's so nice that she let you blog about it, and you did, so we all get to see it. I used to be really into nutcrackers when I was little.

  2. Your friend, Lynda's mantel and collection of Nutcrackers is terrific; but I think yours is just beautiful. I like how you decorated the shelving on either side of the fireplace and hung your stockings there as well.


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