Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Joys of Being a Mom

Seth with Granny, Papa and Nini - what a wonderful day!

Today is Mother's Day, a day that those of us who have lost our mother's do not particularly enjoy.  Truth be told, we hate to pass the Mother's Day cards in a store!  It just hurts a little too much.  I would give anything to hear my sweet mother's voice just one more time or to have one more hug from her or best of all, have her reassurance that I was just fine and everything was going to be ok! 

Yesterday at the ball field, however, I was talking to one of the other baseball moms and she mentioned that she had lost her mom to cancer also.  She understood exactly what I meant when I said that some days it hits me like a ton of bricks that my mother, my hero, is truly gone.  That some days you just need your mother.  She lost her mom when she was 27 and her oldest son was just three.  My sweet Seth was only two when his granny passed away.  As we continued talking I asked her how she handled Mother's Day and she very wisely told me that instead of focusing on missing her mom, instead they made a big deal of if being "Mommy's Day" and doing fun things with her two boys.  How precious! 

So this year I will certainly miss my mother and I will continue to avoid the card aisle at Target, but I will also celebrate my day as a mom with Seth and Jon.  Instead of focusing on the loss of my mom I will choose to dwell on the fact that God allowed me to BE a mom - this was my greatest desire in life. Being a mom has brought the greatest joy to me!  I thought I knew what love was before I had a child, but I never imagined the love I would feel from the moment I knew I was expecting!!  That feeling was only intensified the moment I saw his sweet face.    Being Seth's mom has changed me completely!  God blessed me with this precious child to raise and the joy that I find in this job is immeasurable.  I love his spirit, his wit, his talkative nature, his determination, his sweet, caring personality, his winsome smile and charming ways, his inquisitive mind, his ability to make friends with anyone, his optimism, and his singing ability - he is certainly taking after his daddy in that area.  Thank you God for the gift of motherhood. 

Seth's first portrait - two months old.

Seth at four months - such a happy baby!
Seth and me :-) 


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