Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Pillowcases and an Apron!

I love the detail on these old pillowcases!

This past Friday I went by myself to see my sister and my dad because my newphew, Spencer, graduated from high school.  I decided not to take Seth because he didn't want to miss his baseball game on Friday evening.  (He is now the catcher and I agreed to let him stay with Jon and go to his game.)  I am rarely without Seth so it felt a little wierd driving three hours without him.  I took a book on cd and hit the road!  About half way there, I thought, hmmm, I could actually stop and look at an antique shop that I have always wanted to vist.  I am usually in a hurry, but this time, I decided I had time and I was alone so it was the time to check it out.   I haven't been to an antique store in several months.  I had the best time all by myself!

When I go to flea markets or antique shopping I am drawn toward crystal and silver pieces.  I also love old pillowcases that people have embroidered on by hand.  My sister and I used to buy these at flea markets when we were just out of college.  I still think they are so sweet!  As soon as I started looking I found one that was beautiful and knew I would add it to my collection.  Then I stumbled upon the cutest vintage apron.  It is a half apron (is that the appropriate title for a short apron?).  It was just the cutest thing!  A few months ago I was at my friend Diane's house and she loaned me the most darling half apron I had ever seen - she told me she had found it at a garage sale.  I have been thinking about that apron since that time!  Now I have my own!  I already have several aprons that hang in my pantry, but this is the first short one that I have ever owned.  I am smitten!!

I also found, but didn't buy, the most adorable vintage porcelain dog.  I am still thinking about it!!  I knew I should have gotten it! I didn't get it because it was a terrier and I really want a spaniel.   I have seen the most beautiful dogs on some of my favorite blogs recently.  I REALLY want one of these little cuties.  I am now watching one or two on ebay.  I just know that one is going to be mine soon. 

I had so much fun on my short visit to the antique store.  What do you look for when you go antiquing?
This is my "prissy" guest bedroom.  I hope to show you the entire room soon. 
 I love the vintage feel of the space!

How precious!!!

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  1. Welcome to the newbie party! I love those details! Almost makes me want to sew something cool on the edge of my own pillow cases and such so someday someone else will be pumped to find them while out thrifting!


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