Monday, May 16, 2011

McCarty Pottery

McCarty Bunnies

I have been collecting McCarty Pottery for many years.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with you.  My dear friend, Laurie, started my collection about 20 years ago when we were both young (really!) teachers.  I immediately fell in love with the simple style of this beautiful, earthy pottery.  I was even more smitten when I found out it was made in the Mississippi Delta.  If you have read my blog before, you may remember that my mother's family is from the Delta.  That made this pottery even more special. 

My camera is  not the greatest - in fact, I keep thinking that if I say that enough a wonderful, new camera with all the bells and whistles will make its way to my home.  I am so envious of the amazing pictures I see on some of my favorite blogs.  Nonetheless, I will share my McCarty pottery with you.  Believe me, once you see it, you will be in love.  In fact, I have known several brides who have had a "McCarty Shower".  Isn't that a hoot?

McCarty Pottery is made in Merigold, Mississippi.  You can see really great pics on their webite here.  Check it out!

It is such a treat to visit the McCarty store and restaurant (called The Gallery) in Merigold.  The food is fabulous!  All the food is served on McCarty pieces.  On a side note, this is where I first had Chocolate Cobbler.  It is unbelieveable!  I mean, really, chocolate and cobbler all in one?  Be still my heart!!

I think the hints of blue on the brown "nutmeg" bunny are just so pretty!

Some interesting "things" about McCarty:

All of the pieces are packaged in a brown paper bag signed by Lee McCarty.  You NEVER want to throw away a bag! 

The little brown line on the pieces signify the Mississippi River.

When you give a piece of McCarty as a gift, you always leave the price (written on masking tape) on the piece!  (GASP!)  Yes, you do!!!  It increases the value, significance - not sure really, I just know that you don't remove the price. 

Most of the pieces have names (mainly animals, I think).  I LOVE the bunnies.  Some of my favorite names are Lettuce, Tuppertime and Tupper's Mama.  I once bought a set of three small bunnies that were named Peter, Paul and Mary! 

I have lots of animals, but I do have serving and other "usable" pieces as well.  I am telling you, it is addictive!!

This fox just makes me happy!

The largest bunny in this picture was my last Christmas present from my mom.  I will treasure it always!
Please excuse the "blahness" of this picture, but I adore these birds that sit on the vanity in Seth's bathroom.

Two tiny birds and a small pitcher in the guest bedroom. 

As you can see, McCarty comes in brown, blue and a pale green.  I love them all!
My sweet Aunt Jane bought Anita and me McCarty angels shortly after my Mom passed away.  The "bunny bowl" was a baby shower gift to me! It went in Seth's nursery.

Bunnies on the mantle decorated for Easter. 

Square plate with sugar, creamer, and a tiny "cup" for Splenda!

I have shown you just a few of my favorite pieces.  I have them in every room of the house!  I hope to make a trip to Merigold soon.  I feel the need for a new item for my collection!  

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  1. How charming! Your pottery is so sweet- I love those darling little birdies too! I host a party on Fridays if you would like to come share sometime :)


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